Easy Ripple

I’m not not making a lot of progress on it yet but I did start another pink and beige blanket on New Year’s Day

  • Pattern – Easy Ripple, found free on Ravelry
    – crocheting in the back loops on this one
  • Yarn – Caron Cotton Cakes
  • hook size – G

3 thoughts on “Easy Ripple

  1. Nice colors. I love looking at your stuff because I never would have chosen those colors but they turned out looking great. I do know the colors were chosen by the maker but seeing them as presented for sale just doesn’t move me.

  2. Another cozy looking afghan. The colors are so soft. The ripple pattern was the one my mom loved making the most. I still have a container with brand new ripple afghans in it just waiting to gift to my grandchildren. And she has been gone since my own kids were little.

  3. Wonderful colors! Mary, could you tell please tell me how many chain stitches to start? and how many cotton cakes? I hope you are feeling better each day. Thanks for the info.

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