Old Quilts

I started blogging in December 2005 so I have a pretty comprehensive record of my quilts from that time but I had a photo album of earlier quilts that seems to have been misplaced. I keep hoping that it will turn up somewhere and I think I remember seeing it when we moved everything from Big Canoe a couple years ago but I haven’t found whatever box or bin I’d stuffed it in. Anyway, it was fun to see my sister post this little quilt I’d made for one of her cats on Facebook – I’d forgotten I’d made this.

I don’t remember where I found the inspiration but it was not a pattern although I obviously took elements from other patterns and it was my first attempt at paper piecing. Not something I’ve done much of over the years and I even labeled it! I started quilting in August 2000 so it was one of my earliest quilts. Too bad I got lazier about labels over the years … sometimes I do a simple label, sometimes no label, and occasionally I still make a special quilt specific label like this one.

Do you have photos of your early quilts?! I hope I find my album one day.


  1. No, I don’t have any photos of my first quilts. Wish I did. I made my first quilt when my first child was born 53 years ago, it was embroidered blocks with sashing. I hand quilted it. Then no more quilts till 1991 and I made my best friend two baby quilts for her two new grandchildren. I started making panel quilts after that and then stopped again until I took my first 6 week class in 2006. I do take photos now but don’t label all of them .

  2. I was great at taking photos in the beginning of my quilting but got lazy. I think I have most and should get them printed and in a book, or even do a Chat Books. There are just not enough hours in the day for all my good ideas running around in my head…lol. The kitty quilt is precious! And labeling is another thing I am lazy at. I had some labels printed at Dutch Label but sometimes forget to put them on. Maybe in my old age, I am only 72, I will get better at these things.

  3. I used to be religious about documenting my quilts & now not only have I gotten really slipshod about that practice, I can’t find all those photo albums with the old quilts & documentation in them. I need to spend an afternoon not sewing & looking for them instead. Thanks for ticking my memory re this…

  4. I have a small journal that I kept before I starting blogging as my journal. Now you have me wondering “where is it?” because I can remember seeing it recently.

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