Gasparilla Week2

I didn’t sew much this weekend but I did finish the purple Rainbow HeartStrings blocks – 16 of them in total. Saturday we enjoyed the Gasparilla parade but it was crowded and we just went back and forth several times and then spent the remainder of the day relaxing on the porch people watching.

4 thoughts on “Gasparilla Week2

  1. People are strange is a lyric that sticks in my mind when I watch a large group of people. Not bad strange but just different strange. A large group allows for families, groups of friends, singles, and couples. Love the interactions between the ones that came together but even more so the ones that just are there to celebrate and want to expand their circle to party!.


  2. It’s probably a lot of fun to be so close to the activities. Sitting on the porch people watching is an ideal way to relax in my opinion.


  3. Looks like a fun day! And so nice to be able to just walk from home and back. I love to people watch. It can be very entertaining.


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