The Map quilt is a finished top! It only took me 4 days but you know how I like to drag out the assembly of a quilt.

You can find the details of the pattern in this post although both times I’ve made it, I’ve adapted it. Neither of my quilts had borders and while Caleb’s dinosaur quilt had extra blocks, this one has even more. These blocks are set 7 x 10 for a quilt that measures 56 x 80 and Chris has already claimed this one although he will have to wait a while for it.

It really makes for such a cute quilt and just takes 5 fabrics. I’ve already set aside fabric for another one for donation although I don’t expect to get to it anytime soon.

I also loaded the last Maine top on the longarm tonight … I’ve narrowed the thread choices down to 3 but it’s not easy to choose a thread for an overall pattern on a top like this with solids and a lot of contrast between the blocks and background. I’m leaning toward one of the variegated threads but I’m not sure how they’ll work in the new machine. People say that it’s easy to use different threads in the Innova but I do see posts where people are struggling and I’ve had some breakage issues on a couple quilts I was free-motion quilting. However, I am going to do a pantograph on this one and I haven’t had thread issues on them so I might get brave and try it.

By the way, if you’re ever trying to figure out what thread to use on a quilt, unwind some of the thread from the spools you’re considering right on top of the quilt. It helps me eliminate ones that definitely won’t work!


  1. Very pretty quilt with the maps. I’d make this pattern myself. I bought a thread brand you use all the time, forget the color but it’s beige, didn’t work on my machine very well, kept breaking. I do great with Superior threads on my HQ Avante. I also audition all threads but right now my go to thread color is silver by Superior or So Fine. My Avante has been a beast but is now doing good.

  2. Hi Mary! I just LOVE this map quilt and I would fight Chris for it if I could. HAHA! Your fabric pull for the next one is so darn cute! Someone will absolutely love receiving it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. The map quilt turned out great. I have been looking for some fun fabrics to make a strippee or two for some upcoming baby gifts.

  4. Really like your map quilt. I’d go with the yellow gold thread on the far left that has a piece showing on the red. What is the name of it? I have one like that called golden harvest that I’ve used several times.

  5. The fabrics you chose for the map quilt create a stunning effect. I like the pattern too. Thanks for the thread tip too.
    xx, Carol

  6. Really like the map quilt and the fact it is a 5 yard quilt – so easy to remember! and most times if you have 1.5 yards for a border you can make a twin bed quilt easily. I am betting that you went one of the variegated threads for that quilt. Am I right?

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