The last Maine top is quilted. Pieced by little Mary and quilted with the pantograph Raindrops but not without issues … some thread breakage in the beginning had me worried but some tweaks solved the issue. It’s the first time I’ve used Signature variegated thread in this machine and overall it did OK. I did have some tension issues at one point too but found a lint booger in my bobbin case and that seems to have been the issue.

Worst of all … I punched the needle through the side of my finger when I was basting the top. Yes, another klutzy accident and I now have bandaids on two of my left hand fingers. I guess I’m lucky it wasn’t the index finger that’s still healing from being sliced with the rotary cutter. So what’s the reason I’m so accident prone all the sudden? I think it’s related to my sleep problems. I’m thankful that it caught the fleshy side of my finger and didn’t go through the nail!


  1. What a fabulous quilt! Sorry quilting it gave you such fits! I sewed my finger, too, one time… right beside the nail & was so afraid when I pulled the needle out, it would just explode but I didn’t have a single drop of blood! Weird, eh? I’m also sorry to hear you sliced yourself with your rotary cutter… owwie! If it wren’t for bad luck lately, you wouldn’t have any luck, eh? Maybe you got all the icky out of the way & it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out! How’s the cold/flu?

  2. I find that if I’m tired or stressed, accidents happen too easily. I drop things constantly. I do like your quilt and I use Signature thread all the time but haven’t tried the variegated yet.

  3. What a beautiful quilting pattern-
    Ouch!! So sorry to hear about your accidents..not good:000 Maybe you can rest up and try to ge destressed a bit…hope so hugs, Julierose

  4. I hate lint boogers ( love your name for them), and I lost a screw for my bobbin case because of one. No physical injury but one whole square quilted with ugly tension ruined my day! Hope the sleep issues clear up so your fingers are safe.

  5. Raindrops is a really pretty design. Love the “lint booger” – such a perfect description. I hope your sleep issues improve. Sleep deprivation has a big impact on our health and welfare. My rotary cutter sliced index finger seems to be healing OK but I’m keeping it bandaged and protected.

  6. So sorry about your finger! Sleep is so important for our brains and body to function correctly. Especially as we age. Have you ever tried hypnosis tapes? I use some for a different reason but they help me so much to just relax my body and mind. And that helps me to sleep better. You are not really hypnotizing yourself, just focusing on something more restful. Very pretty quilt and quilting!

  7. Mary about your accidents… is your tetanus shot up to date? Both from your rotary cutter accident and your needle accident. I have ended up in ER twice from rotary cutter accidents. I did not hit bone but close. I lost 2 weeks of work. The needle went right through my finger nail.. remember to take it out the way it went in as the sharp point is smaller than the other end. If you pull it straight through it will hurt a lot. Causes of my accidents was distraction and in one rotary case was being too tired. I should not have been cutting fabric at 2 am!. May your future be safer.

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