Off my needles

Another Ross Beanie is done and tucked away in the box to be donated. I’m not sure how many I’ll make before sending them off but I think there are 7 in there now. These are sized for men so they’re a little big on Hat Head.

I also made orange Rainbow String blocks. I didn’t have many strips/strings in orange so I cut some from scraps and fat quarters … I had enough for 10 blocks. Again, my plan for these is to make some blocks in each color and then I’ll make a Rainbow HeartStrings quilt myself and donate the leftover squares for our September project in Maine so I don’t need a specific number of each color block. So far I’ve got green, purple, and orange done.


  1. Mary, I am sending you an email with a photo of an unusual string quilt attached. Thought you might find it interesting and unusual and for heart strings. Not usually a fan of orange but these look great.

  2. Interfacing–Can’t be specific. Your looking for something a little bit stiff with NO STRETCH. Mine has a One inch grid printed on it that can come in handy. I did a king sized pineapple quilt on it—hand drew the pattern for each block. Did each block by hand—ALL during sports practices/games, symphony practice and car trips to see games/symphony. Before a knew it I had the blocks for a king sized quilt and had exposed a lot of curious parents to quilting!

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