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I’ve been crocheting more blankets than knitting … it’s much quicker but I decided it was time to knit another one. I’ve been knitting hats but those are in the round and I don’t want to get rusty when it comes to knitting flat like blankets and scarves. This one is a kit from BluPrint – I’d show you my blanket but there’s less than 2 inches of it so far. It’s going to take me a while!

I’m still listening to the Dear Bob and Sue audiobook about a couple’s visits to all the National Parks, I had to check it out again – I only listen while I’m knitting or crocheting and it takes a long time to get through an audiobook. It’s been fun hearing about the parks we’ve visited as well as the ones we haven’t. Makes me want to add a few more to my list of visited! I’ve been looking through my photos as they come to a park we’ve been to – I’d almost forgotten about our Dry Tortuga’s National Park visit, we were there in 2007, but we had just been talking about that trip to Key West and how hot it was. It didn’t bother me … you know it’s going to be hot and humid in the Keys in September but Keith was pretty miserable. I gave him a hard time because he grew up in South Florida. I guess the timing was just bad on our part and I haven’t been able to get him back to the Keys since that visit.

September 2007

Several people wrote and told me they were going to read the Dear Bob and Sue book too so I thought I’d share another of my favorite authors – Nevada Barr has a series of mysteries that take place in the National Parks. Click here and See the Anna Pigeon books listed at the top of the page.


  1. That baby blanket look like it would be a good one to do. I’m with Keith, hate the heat and humidity. My brother knew Nevada Barr quite well. He use to take care of the Natzath Trait in Mississippi. Not sure if I got the spelling right! He really thought a lot of her. Take Care!!

  2. I love Nevada Barr’s books. She blends the stories of the parks with her thrilling stories. I hadn’t ever heard of Dry Tortuga until reading her book set there.

  3. Thank you for adding to my TBR list. I thoroughly enjoyed the first Dear Bob and Sue, and look forward to listening to the other two on another road trip. Not sure when that’ll happen with the Coronavirus keeping everyone closer to home. Be safe and stay well!

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