9 patch

We’ve got a gutter company out today to start the many minor repairs needed on the house … it’s 20 years old and we had a really good inspection so we knew we’d have to work our way through a list of repairmen. It’s turned out really well that we’re staying for several weeks so we can get a lot of it done right away.

While he’s out there working, I’m going through email and looking at quilts on eBay. This one I found this morning reminds me that I want to make another version of my 9 patch quilt that’s on my website (that was also inspired by a vintage quilt).

Here’s my quilt … it’ has a similar jumbled feel but it’s not the same.

And here’s my original quilt drawing … I always knew I wanted to make it in RWB. Seeing the 9 patch this morning makes me think I should move it up the “to do” list but I’ll be working on a Jelly Roll quilt next… maybe I’ll even get it started in the next day or two!


  1. I like your layout! It’s a nine-patch, but your arrangement gives it a totally differnt look.
    Hmmm, maybe when I finish the 15 or 16 UFOs I already have… 😉

  2. This is a beautiful quilt, yours, I mean. I still have the picture of your Mom’s blue 9 patch that is so pretty too.

  3. Very pretty quilt and love the colors! I guess I will now need to add this to the many I need to make. I keep getting requests for masks so that is delaying any quilt work right now. And I said I was not going to make masks at all….lol.

  4. You KNOW I love nothing more than a 9-Patch! The antique would make a great QOV, wouldn’t it? And you version’s coloration is so bright & happy… I love it! Yeah, I’m gonna have to make one of these, too, someday. Thanks for the insporation!

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