Chris and Rae were here to help today… so much progress made! Some furniture moved around, my sewing space set up … can you believe I didn’t take a photo of it? I was too busy! Lots and lots of cleaning and laundry. 

Chris got our TV set up for streaming … we’re just going to have internet here for now, no cable TV but we can watch a variety of programs just by streaming them on the Amazon Fire Stick. I set the wireless printer up … and maybe most importantly, we measured the rooms that need new carpet… which is all the rooms that have carpet. There are tons of things still on my “to do” list but great progress was made today .. Keith was tired and went to bed early … Finn has found his spot by me to curl up and sleep!

And my newly cleaned and set up kitchen is working perfectly … another delicious home cooked meal was served tonight!


  1. Amazon is great but if you get Britbox, you can see Vera and Highlands and Wallender. Acorn is also wonderful. We gave up our dish network and watched wonderful foreign shows on these two channels. Tonight we are watching Dark Heart and it’s very good too. Glad to hear your house is getting cleaned, bet it even smells better now.

  2. Sounds like things are coming together. Just having the kitchen cleaned and organized is a big deal in my book. Finn looks very comfy!!

  3. You should try Youtube TV – you can get many, many channels, even watch the local network news. It’s only about $50 per month and all you need is an Internet connection and a Roku stick for each TV. A bargain!

  4. Happy Easter Mary. It snowed here yesterday and last night, so everything is white, beautiful. This morning the sun is shining brightly, and the temperature is set to moderate. This is a smelt snow, won’t last long, but usually coincides with the smelt runs in the river.
    You sure have been busy, but it feels good to get some things to suit. Glad your sewing spot is one of them. I can hear the excitement in your words as you posted . I’m ever so happy for you. Hope today is another good one Hugs

  5. So glad things are looking up. You didn’t even bat an eye at things that were worse than you expected. So happy you had help and a great spirit lift with Chris and Rae. It will be great soon!

  6. You know that anywhere can be “home” with the kids and Finn! Looks very nice though.

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