Another Jelly Roll quilt

I haven’t started assembling the blocks for the first quilt but I started some rail fence blocks yesterday while I was finishing up with Rae’s schooling. She’s home now so I’ll have more sewing time in between all the service providers coming the next few days.

I’ve seen photos of Rainbow Rail Fence quilts online and decided I’d make a small version for my next Jelly Roll quilt. Blocks are 6 inches finished, set 7 x 9, and the quilt will finish at 42 x 54.


  1. I love this little pattern! I think I’ll make it along with you. I really need to make a small quilt to donate. I think it will improve my anxiety level to think about making a new quilt to give a little person something to hug. I just retired last month and now that I can go anywhere and do anything… I can’t go anywhere or do anything. It feels quite surreal. Thank you for the inspiration! It’s just what the doctor ordered to get out of this funk. ♥

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