Good news, bad news

Good news is that the fireplace is working, bad news is that there’s an odor. I researched it and read that it’s not unusual with ventless fireplaces. We have a fireplace guy coming on Friday and we’ll look at our options because the odor isn’t something that I think I can live with.


  1. Good luck. We put in ventless gas logs – expensive ones- and the odor is too great unless we leave the damper entirely open. I wished I would have done more research before purchasing them. If you come up with a solution, please post about it – I would love to know it.

  2. We had a ventless fireplace in our other house and when it started putting out an odor hubby would get a can of compressed air and ‘blow out’ the burner. He turned off the gas supply, removed the logs and then used the compressed air to carefully blow out all the openings where the fire comes out of the burner and the pilot light. Once he put it all back together it burned without odor. Ask the fireplace guy about it when he comes 🙂 Good luck!

  3. I will try the above hint as I also have this problem. I usually open a close window a bit to circulate fresh air as I can’t think it is healthy to breath in the odor. Will check back later to see other suggestions.

  4. Glad the guy is coming because a quick search indicates there may be options. Hopefully you will have fire without odor soon!

  5. Hope they find a solution that isn’t too costly. I couldn’t deal with the odors either.

  6. But the extra good news is there’s an adorable puppy dog & a beautiful quilt laying right there so that’s gotta count for SOMETHING!

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