I have not cooked this much in years … 15 years to be exact when we had Keith’s dad living with us before he passed away. I like cooking but between Keith’s travel and going out to eat which I also enjoy, I rarely cook more than 4 nights a week which suits me just fine. Surprisingly, it hasn’t become the “chore” I thought it would be.

Tonight I fixed meatloaf. Usually we have this with smashed potatoes but I decided to use some of the Mac and Cheese Keith had stocked up on since the girls were here. This was the 2nd loaf … I make two smaller ones rather than one large … and there wasn’t a bite left.

Mo didn’t particularly care for the green beans but when I asked her to eat them before I gave her more Mac and Cheese she did …. and she ate every bite of her meatloaf too.


  1. I note that you asked her to eat them instead of telling her. Big difference in your attitude and thus her reaction. Meatloaf was on our menu last week and was a hit because I got meatloaf sandwiches.

  2. Meatloaf is one of our favorites too, and I made it just last week. And I love mac and cheese as much as the grandkids, but my husband won’t touch mac and cheese. Just means I don’t have to share, right? I’ve cooked more than I would choose as well. I’m married to a very picky eater so cooking has lost it’s fun over the years. We’ve been doing take out from local restaurants once or twice a week. Some of the restaurants have no opened for dining but we haven’t gone into any yet.

  3. That looks yummy, I can see why there wasn’t any left. Mo looks very proud of herself for eating every bite too! We only eat out about once every 2 weeks. I am sick of cooking mainly because I have been doing it for soooooooo many years. Since I am 73 and I started cooking in high school, that’s a lot of years. But I am in to making my own bread, rolls etc. Bad habit!! I just bought my very first Kitchenaid Mixer, the stand up kind. I love bread and could probably exist on that alone. Not good for the waistline though…another thing I am sick of worrying about…lol.

  4. everything looks so good! I like to cook, but I’m a baker at heart. My mom and grandmother were professional cooks ,so maybe a little rubbed off on me. Speaking of Moms’, how is your Mom doing? Mo, seems to have quite a personality. Beautiful little girls!! Take care!

  5. Mo sure is cute. Yes, I have been cooking soooo much too. I kinda have a rule about eating all the food, somehow, in leftovers, whatever. Made a dish the other day and hubby didn’t care for it but the dogs sure loved it. We order carry out a few times a week to give me a break and it’s always food I don’t make like Popeyes Chicken or a Mexican or Chinese dish that is rather involved to cook. I’ve used my bread maker several times but haven’t baked desserts at all. Had bananas go bad so I made 5 loaves of banana bread and froze them, I give them to family. Still quilting, finishing up so many blocks I found when cleaning the sewing room. Lots of time here.

  6. Confession: I’m like the little girl who secretly watched everything you were doing and copied your every move. I make the quilts you are making; I am fixing meatloaf for dinner tonight. Thanks for all the inspiration.

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