I’m having a very lazy day today but I’m hopeful that I’ll rustle up some energy to go into the sewing room later. There’s a quilt ready to load, HeartStrings blocks to piece, and more packing of projects and supplies … I’d be happy to get any of it done today but at least I did get #7 bound! This is a UFO from 2017 and I’m doing better with my UFO goals thanks to the quilting/binding marathon. Goal #1 is to finish as many quilts as I start and I’ve started 12 and finished 12. Goal #2 is to have 12 of those finishes be UFOs each year. This is UFO finish #4 for the year and #5 and 6 just need binding. So I will be all caught up and even a little ahead at the halfway mark.

Fabric for this boxed squares came from a Craftsy kit. I often buy a discounted kit and then use the fabric for one of my own projects. Speaking of Craftsy, now Bluprint. Had you heard they’re going out of business? I’ve done a lot of stash enhancement with them over the last several years including lots of discounted Jelly Rolls and Fat Quarter packs. It’s a good thing I stocked up because I don’t know of anywhere else that sells them for those kinds of prices.


  1. This latest finish is just gorgeous! I love all those rich colors. Yes, it’s a shame Bluprint is going out of business, although I haven’t done much business with them since they became Bluprint. Apparently, their new format didn’t work out so well. Good luck finishing up more in your list!

  2. This is one of my favorite patterns of yours & I love this colorway. What are we gonna do without Bluprint?

  3. Love this quilt! The colors make me so happy. This is one that I would wrap myself in and just revel in the colors! Bluprint changed so much that usage dropped and the choices they made didn’t fit the some of the people that loved Craftsy. I am sorry to see it go. I was introduced to some of my favorite learning opportunities there.

  4. Very pretty quilt!! I started with Blueprint when it was Craftsy. I loved it then for classes but I think I only purchased fabric from them once or twice. Now I’m wishing I had looked at some to the sale items. I wonder if they will have a close out sale? Not sure how much stock they kept on hand but I would think they would want to sell what they have. Hopefully they will let people know if so.

  5. I guess I didn’t much look at Blueprint though I’d browsed through Craftsy a few times. I wonder if the world on lockdown and stay at home affected them or if it was just their Blueprint format.

    The colors in your quilt are beautiful!

  6. I’m just taking a leisurely scroll through your archived posts this morning. I’ve been so entertained by your beautiful and colorful quilts, pictures of your mom’s work, and all your thoughts.

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