T-shirt quilts

Have you made one? I’ve made several and helped Mom with even more but I’ve been putting off doing the one for Adam for years … I really need to get it done so I packed it up to take to GA with the hope that I’ll actually plan and piece the top. I had a layout all planned and then he brought me more shirts so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with his and started looking through my inspiration file again … while I was collecting his stuff I found a BIG bin of shirts I’d been saving from my travels to make one for me. I need a queen size quilt for Big Canoe so I’m going to make one up from my shirts …. but first I have to finish Adam’s so I’m not taking mine with me but … I found the layout I’m going to use for mine in my inspiration file. You know I love twisted blocks! I probably won’t use borders unless I need to in order to get to the size I want. Now if I can just decide how to set Adam’s!


  1. I have made a couple of T-shirt quilts. Not my favorite thing to make. One I did for my daughter and I printed a few pictures on photo material to add to the quilt. The quilt turned out really nice. The other one I made for my granddaughter who played several years of volleyball. She wanted specific colors on hers and she loved it. I am hoping no one else asks for one…lol.

  2. I made t-shirt quilts for a few people but nevervagain. The last wasn’t real T- shirts but soccer jerseys. It was nice but I should have added a lot more filler . Hope Adam’s is perfect!

  3. A T-shirt is on my bucket list and ‘scares’ me somewhat… Would you mind sharing your best practices? Thank you so much! I very much enjoy your blog even though I barely ever comment.

  4. I have not made any T-shirt quilts, and hope not to. 🙂 My younger daughter wanted one and brought me a stack of her favorite basketball shirts from high school. But they were stained and full of holes because they were the shirts she wore to practice all the time. I convinced her that any quilt made with those shirts would probably fall apart. But she wasn’t willing to part with any other t-shirts. So she never got a quilt. But she has received plenty of other quilts over the years.

  5. I have made many of these. I did not add fillers cause of the amount of shirts that were sent would make the it way too large. By the time I got to my niece’s there were so many cheerleader from all of her years I made the back with the leftovers. this one also turned out big enough to fit a queen but they all got in.

    I’ve sent you a pic a couple years ago of the one that was made using one of your strippy patterns that the women picked out . I made four using her moms clothing and they all to this day are my favorite.
    They also are a fav on pinterest .

  6. Hmmm. Long ago my sister-in-law was asking if I’d make her a T-shirt quilt if she got her T-shirts together but she never did. Maybe I’m glad now though I could probably make my own T-shirt quilt with all my husband’s T-shirts… But he loves them all, holey and stretched out, that he would probably be upset if I cut them up!

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