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Have you been reading the blog long enough to know that I plan a lot more quilts than I actually make? My list is always sooo long and there always seems to be another new project I want to do but I was looking through some older files the other night and came across these 3 that I still want to make one of these days … of course there are lots of other ones too — maybe I need to make a page on the website just for “one day quilts”! I’ll never run out of ideas … but then I never stop looking for inspiration.


  1. LOVE that blue one – stars are always on my to-do list, and the flying geese borders are great!
    I made a black and white (and red) version like the bottom one years ago- donated it to school fundraiser. It makes a beautiful quilt!

  2. Love all of those!! I have a huge file of quilts I want to make and one of them is close to your third one. I have seen one similar made in shades of blue and cream. It was beautiful!! I am still working, or I should say ripping out my star quilt. I was working away putting stars together when I decided I should probably look at the directions on how they all go together. I thought I was so smart because my stars were beautiful. Well, I need a brain tune up it turns out. The stars are not put together until you put the quilt together totally. So I am now busy ripping apart all my stars. I can’t believe I did that because I am usually so careful. But in my defense I did start this quilt probably close to 3 yrs ago in a class. So apparently I forgot everything I learned.

  3. Love all your quilts and afghans. Terrific job on all of them! I agree with you on whats going on in our country. I think they have carried the protest way to far!! Seems like it would bring on more cases of the virus. Not sure where all this will ed up!! Just when it was getting a little better. We’ll have to wait and see. stay safe xo

  4. I always like to see your new creations whether you actually make them or not. You know if you create a design page you’re going to get bombarded with requests on how to make them right? I too have a big design library for “some day” but I like having it just for inspiration too.

  5. Thanks for sharing your quilting ideas. I like all three of the patterns, but the Dresden quilt is calling my name. I have made some assorted Dresden plate blocks over the years, but never made a quilt. This may be the one.

  6. While I love each of these, that bottom RWB one REALLY floats my boat. You have such a creative mind, Mary! Now if we could just get Father Time to cooperate better, eh? LOL!

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