My porch

I can’t tell you how much I love the screened porch here. My porch in Tampa is great but the mosquitoes are really, really bad there. Here I can enjoy the porch without worrying about the bugs and instead of watching the cars drive by, we watch the deer. Yep, almost daily we have visitors … and even without them, I enjoy the view of the trees in our back yard. There’s a deer in this photo but you’ll never be able to see him because he’s pretty well hidden.

Finn always hears the difference between the rustling sound the squirrels and birds make and those made by the deer and jumps up and watches closely when he hears the deer.

I spent a little time sewing HSTs today but most of my time was spent moving and putting everything away for the carpet installers who are coming tomorrow.

We also had the fireplace guy back out. We’re going to switch our unvented gas fireplaces… to a vented gas one upstairs and an electric one downstairs. It’s pricy to switch from unvented to vented and I’m willing to pay that for our main living area but I also want the added safety of electric versus gas downstairs where the children will be. I’m just not comfortable having the gas fireplace down there. The electric one will still provide me some heat when I’m sitting binding or crocheting down there and also a little atmosphere even if it isn’t as realistic as the gas flame.


  1. Hi Mary, I enjoyed seeing your Big Canoe view, so different from ours. Eucalypt trees and a few kangaroos from our verandah. Wishing you happy sewing days in your new house.

  2. I’m so happy for you Mary. During the late fall and winter when I live in the forest, it gives me great pleasure to watch the wildlife pass through our yard, or come to eat the apples from our trees, it brings me great joy. In this season where I live on the ocean edge, I watch the sky, the water, and the ocean visitors. We do have a den of foxes living under the bank, with four kits this year, and a little groundhog who patrols the beach.
    here I have a mini split for both heat and cooling as needed, but in the forest home, there is a woodstove as well as a mini split for our comfort.
    I am always awed by our good fortune, living in countries where we are free to move as we wish(during normal times), and hobbies to give us freedom to let loose our creativity. Hope your day is a good one

  3. I can see why you enjoy your porch, the scenery is so beautiful! Finn is so cute sitting there on deer watch 🙂

  4. Your Finn is so well behaved, my dogs go beserk each time an animal comes into our yard. I love your porch, so nice and with such a beautiful view too.

  5. I love your woods. I’m anxious to know which electric fireplace you are buying. I need to replace our family room electric one. The living room has a wood stove. Since we do live on 5 wooded acres, and my son in law seems to like to use the wood splitter I seem to have an unlimited supply of wood for the stove all winter. Love your screened porch. Yes, we have those nasty mosquitos too. Enjoy your visit and new carpet is on my list.

  6. How nice to be able to sit on your porch without the bother of bugs – sounds like a win-win for sure!

  7. Good planning with the fireplaces. I’ve talked about adding an electric fireplace in our family room. But Dave isn’t a fan. I just know we need to replace the gas insert at some point even if it’s with a new gas one. We don’t use it now at all because the fan is so loud it’s just not pleasant.

  8. Beautiful, Mary! I think your fireplace arrangement sounds like a safe plan. We have a gas fireplace in our great room and hardly ever use it. Way too hot even turned to the lowest setting. I wish we had a small electric one to turn on just for the looks. And you are right, that deer is well hidden…lol.

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