New carpet

It’s in! I love having brand new carpet and getting rid of that old horribly stained carpet that was here! It was worse downstairs and while it wasn’t as bad in the two upstairs bedrooms, it was still stained and I’m glad to have it ALL gone. We have tile in the bathrooms and hardwood floors in the kitchen, dining, and living rooms but the rest of the house is carpet and I chose to use the same carpet everywhere the old carpet was. It was a big job and they told me it would take two days but they finished it in one long day and I’m so glad! It was chaotic with Keith on conference calls, 4 of them working, running in and out, talking and playing music, and Finn barking!

The new one is on the left! It’s a Berber carpet so it should hold up well and I like that it has a textured vs smooth look. The photo should blow up larger if you click on it.

I’ll spend tomorrow putting everything back where it belongs and if I’m lucky will even have a little time to sew.


  1. That’s a big improvement! Glad that you were able to get it done – especially in one day…

  2. It looks wonderful! Glad you could get it done in one day. Love the texture. I like your bedroom furniture too! Lovely!

  3. It looks beautiful Mary! So happy for you that the big job of getting carpet is done. I’ll bet its finally starting to like your home now. Happy sewing (hopefully).

  4. It looks beautiful!! We also had ours replaced with Berber carpet. We love it!! No vacuum marks which always bothered both me and my husband. It always looks neat and tidy. We’re kind of fussy that way. You’re making that a brand new home. Many years of enjoyment ahead for you.

  5. Love Berber wool carpet – We have it in the 4 bedrooms and the lounge area. Ours is nearing the end of its life – 33 years old and has survived a flood, when a new washing machine overflowed, It has been great.

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