It’s a process!

I got things put together back downstairs today after getting the carpet in yesterday … guest beds are made up, my sewing stuff is out and I can sew the rest of the week while I wait for the boys to bring all my stuff downstairs this weekend that came on the truck … including the sewing cabinet for my Jane. I’ll have some more arranging to do after that but I’m getting there.

There was an old futon and armchair here when we bought the house that I decided to keep for the short term so I bought covers for both of them and I’m using this little space for binding, crochet, or just to sit and post on the blog during the day. When we eventually move here full time this space will become an extension of the sewing room but for now, it’s a cozy little nook for me, and an extra bed if I need one for company. The quilt is one Mom made for me in 2004.

It’s been a little rainy and cool the last couple days … mid 60’s which we’re actually loving. Much better than the 90’s we were having in Tampa.

We still have more work scheduled to be done over the next few weeks. Today, it’s work on the septic system … tomorrow the A/C units get serviced, and sometime in the next week, the deck supports are going to be redone.

Now it’s time to sew a little!

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