Camping memories

I mentioned we camped as a family for years when I was growing up. Other than visits to North Carolina or Philadelphia to see family, camping trips were the only vacations I remember.

4 thoughts on “Camping memories

  1. Oh, yes, this does bring back memories. Like you, we never went anywhere, but to visit families or to camp, mostly in unimproved campgrounds as far back in the boonies as we could get with children and camping gear. I mostly enjoyed it, but the funny thing is, as an adult, I didn’t want anything to do with camping.


  2. Same here, we always packed up and headed for the lake in WV or to NC for a two week vacation, some of the best memories of my childhood. We did the same with our two children, now 53 and 48, and they say those were some of the best memories of their childhood, we still laugh about them.


  3. We tent camped a lot when my kids were little. Different husband. We had bunkbed cots for the 2 older kids and a great set up. So long ago and so much fun!!!


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