Another version

EDIT: the name of the quilt is Walk and Stop (I remembered it wrong as Stop and GO) and I bought both kits from Connecting Threads not Craftsy but it’s no longer available.

This is another version of the Stop and Go quilt. It was also a kit that I bought from Craftsy and I gave it to Mom to make and then quilted it for her. My intention has always been to use this pattern for stash quilts too. I just haven’t gotten around to it but seeing how fast it’s going, I might have to move a stash version up my list.

13 thoughts on “Another version

  1. Very cute. I love the simplicity. It would make a good charity quilt. Would you be able to tell me the finished size? Or block size?


    1. I think you’re right Dot.
      What a cool pattern! I love both the light and dark versions of this quilt! Great idea to consider patterns you’d want to make more than once. I’ll have to remember that.


  2. Really like the colors in this quilt. Would be good for fabrics one wanted to showcase in the squares, also.


  3. Isn’t it funny what a difference colors make? The previous top with the bright/black colors was nice, but this combo really gets my mind turning, probably because I have so few really bright solids in my stash. This is going into my virtual “Gotta try!” quilt idea folder. Thank you!


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