Masks again

I’m trying a new style of masks. My sister drafted a pattern and one of her friends created a plastic template for it. I bought it a couple months ago but the pleated ones are so easy I’ve kept making those. Keith has a problem with the ties and Chris wanted to try the other style so I made two today. The ties on these are just one inch strips cut from t-shirts and when you stretch them, they curl and work perfectly. You loop the tie through the sides and it just has to tie at the neck. I’m not sure how many more of these I’ll make but I’ll make a few and if Chris likes them, I’ll probably make another batch for him.

We did some shopping today (socially distancing and wearing our masks of course). Some things to personalize our space. Keith liked this bear and he was holding a sign that said welcome but I found one I liked better and now he’s greeting guests at our front door!

We also found a wine cabinet. The wine bottles have been taking up too much of my kitchen counter space so it’s nice to have them in their own place!

And when we stopped by the post office to pick up our mail, these two small deer ran across the road in front of us and went straight to Momma and started nursing.


  1. I also sew masks with a curved front but it also has a point at the bottom. It fits well and doesn’t matte which way is up. I use 2mm round elastic and works well around the ears. Love the photo’s you share of the visiting deer 🙂

  2. Nice wine cabinet, and I can’t think of a better place to put the “Welcome” sign! I also love the sentiments expressed in the bear’s sign–I’m going to write that on my cork holder (with the chalk-board-like front).

    Why is the “Grandpa Shark” earworm running through my head now?

  3. Love the bear’s sign! I, too, prefer making the other style masks and haven’t even attempted this style. I do use the t-shirt ties. I tie mine opposite the way you do. I tie them on the top and have the loop part at the neck. I find it’s easy to adjust the snugness of the mask this way. I may have to try your way too and see if I like it any better. I wear my masks all the time at work 8-9 hours, 5 days a week. Only take it off when sitting in my car for my meal break. Comfort and good fit are very important! I guess I should also try this style of mask. Ugh. Don’t look forward to making more!!

  4. I am using toggles on my masks. So easy to adjust and not have to worry about tying. You can buy them on Amazon in bulk for less than $10.

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