Happy 4th

It was an uneventful day around here – I sewed some more masks including ones for Caleb and Rae who are going to visit us for a couple days next week. We have plans to do some hiking and go to the lake if the weather allows and while we don’t expect to be in any crowds, they might need masks when we first arrive at the lake and at the park until we get set up off by ourselves.

I fixed a Waldorf Chicken Salad for the first time for dinner tonight that got Keith’s approval and then we went down by the lake for a bit.

I’d seen one bench from the road by the lake but didn’t realize they had a whole park like area with several benches, some picnic tables, and a grassy area. We didn’t stay until sunset but it’s very close to the house so I can see it being a place we go back to often. This is the same lake I kayak on.

6 thoughts on “Happy 4th

  1. Beautiful hills. How are you liking these new type of masks you are doing? Do they keep the fabric away from the mouth? I like how Jordan Fabrics did hers because the 3/4 inch cutaway on the corners keeps the fabric punched out away from the mouth. I notice you have different colored t shirt material on these masks. Stay safe.


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