Another hike

We enjoyed our hike so much the other day with the kids that we went back to Amicalola Falls again today. We stayed on the harder trail so it was less crowded but we decided we’d stick to weekdays for now. Keith has PTO he needs to use so I think he’ll take some half days over the next few weeks and we’ll go back.

When we got home and showered, I went downstairs for a bit. I waffled about what I wanted to sew and finally pulled out a couple Jelly Rolls and started a framed 16 patch quilt. It’s going to be a bit busy but I’m hoping I can arrange the fabrics in the blocks so the pattern still emerges and it isn’t too muddled looking … we’ll see how it goes!


  1. Thats a beautiful hike, but I can see with the steps it’s a bit more challenging. Is the framed 16 patch on your quilt pattern web site? Thanks. Look forward to seeing some of the blocks. Have a wonderful day!

  2. That’s one of my favorite hikes! It’s a gluten/quad buster for SURE!

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