RWB Framed 16 patches

I’m not sure I’m loving this right now but I often have doubts at this point in a project. It’s busier than I’d like but I’m going ahead with it. I’m using a couple Jelly Rolls for it from BluPrint.

A while back, I’d bought a Jelly Roll kit and made a smaller quilt that used just one Jelly Roll and I always intended to make a larger RWB quilt using a Framed 16 patch block. I made a few notes at the time.

I haven’t gotten very far yet … and the blocks that are up on the wall will be moved around as I get more up there.


  1. I like it. It’d make a great American Heroes quilt! It’s just the right size and colors – perfect.

  2. I think you’re outnumbered here Mary! It looks like all of us really like it! I’m a huge fan of RWB quilts because both my husbands family and my family have a large military background. Don’t forget to show us this one when its finished 🙂

  3. The reason it looked heavy to me was that in my mind you need more red borders. Maybe add a few brighter blues too. It will be gorgeous no matter what by the time the scrapiness factor takes over.

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