We’ve got company – it’s been early March since we’ve seen any family except for the boys and their families and my brother is here for a few days with his girlfriend. We’ve had lots of discussions about COVID 19 and the precautions we’re taking. We are not doing any group activities or dining out … we’re avoiding all crowds and are wearing masks when we do need to go out. I know there’s still some risk but we’re trying to find a balance. Doing the things that matter most and giving up all the rest.

We took Kevin and Hilary up to Amicalola Falls yesterday. I told you it was one of our favorite places!

Hilary and I did take the challenge to walk up the steps to the top of the falls while Keith and Kevin went back for the car and drove up to meet us.

It was definitely worth the climb!


  1. What a glorious view!! It’s easy to see why that’s one of your favourite spots!

  2. Glad you got some brother time. It is a balance to decide what is safe in our current world. My family is at the end of a week’s reunion. 3 families did not attend as they are in major hotspots-and didn’t want the risk to us. The rest of us? Most of us self-quarantined while some don’t believe it’s real. We had a no contact/hug rule set before arrival. We did not enter other’s homes. All group meals outdoors, family serving wore masks (we each take a night to prepare/serve/cleanup for the gang). All activities were outdoors. Today everyone departs after brunch on our patio an hour from now. No one has a symptom as of day 7, and we 3 RNs did attempt to educate on asymptomatic carriers so vigilance is necessary.

    Cheers to family time-safely!

  3. Good for you! I think finding a balance will get us through this. Don’t know if I could have made it up those steps, but the view certainly makes it worth the hard work. You’ve earned an extra glass of wine!

  4. You really do get to the falls a lot don’t you? Is this the third time this month? The view is beautiful!

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