I don’t have much cause to be out running errands these days but I needed to run to the post office (we do not get home delivery so I go 2-3 times a week to pick up the mail) and the drug store today. I happened to drive by an old train depot in Jasper – the sign said Pickens County Mercantile and Quilt Shop and since I didn’t realize that a shop had opened up in Jasper, I just had to check it out (only 1 other customer and the owner were in the shop and all 3 of us were wearing masks). It’s a cute little shop and I bought a few things. They also have some yarn so it’s a good local resource for me.

I also decided after waffling back and forth and back and forth … that I was going to get a haircut. It’s been 5 months since my last one and I was looking pretty shaggy. With us heading back to Tampa soon, I couldn’t stand the thought my longer hair in the August heat … but there was no way I was going to visit a salon in Tampa. The shop only had 2 stylists working, only 2 customers were allowed in the shop with everyone else waiting outside, and everyone had masks on.

I’m sure we are more restrictive than some about what we will and won’t do during these times, and more liberal than others. We’ve discussed our risk factors and feel like my risk is moderate and that Keith’s is pretty low. The haircut and the quick stop in the quilt shop weren’t absolutely necessary but precautions were taken. I’ll admit I’m tired of the constant debate with myself about what is and is not safe and am looking forward to an effective vaccine and life returning somewhat to normal one of these days.

Not quite the glamour shot that Finn had after his visit to the beauty parlor yesterday but better than before!


  1. Beautiful as always!

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    > Mary posted: ” I don’t have much cause to be out running errands these > days but I needed to run to the post office (we do not get home delivery so > I go 2-3 times a week to pick up the mail) and the drug store today. I > happened to drive by an old train depot in Jasper -” >

  2. I’ve had three haircuts in as many months, and I feel safe and comfortable. No waiting area in the salon and masks are required by State mandate for everyone in the salon, I wash my hands when I enter the salon and have my hair washed. While I go to the stylist’s chair, she disinfects the wash station I just left. My hair is cut. I hold my mask in place if it is necessary to unloop the mask from my ears. The stylist chair is disinfected when I exit.

  3. Your hair looks very nice. I have been going to my salon the last 2 months. Proper precautions are taken, and so I’ve felt safe. If our area was a “hot spot” of infection I would most likely think differently. So far so good. My risk factors are moderate as well.

  4. Like you, my last haircut was mid-March. I’m trying to decide when it’s safe to go. Our state is in rapid incline of cases and deaths. My “bob” cut is nearly at my shoulders but manageable as such so I’m holding out. I’m tired of my own ‘pedicures’ but continuing those as well. My background in Infection Prevention has me very conscious of mitigation of risks especially since so many in my area are blowing it off and being careless.

    We all need to be as safe as we can. Good for you on deciding where your risk is the lowest!

  5. I don’t think it is possible to keep completely safe, we just need to do what we are comfortable with. Since my husband and I are in our 70’s I feel we need to be cautious but we are both healthy so that eases my mind somewhat. I have been to the hair salon twice. They have safety procedures in place and I have my own safety precautions. If I have a need to go to a particular store I go and do what I need to do to stay as safe as possible. We have to go on living the best we can. Your hair looks great and I imagine it feels even better. And I bet Finn would say think you if he could. He is so cute!!

  6. Some risk is required in all things we do in life. You weighed the alternatives and it was acceptable risk. I believe all of us have choices to make. I want to go visit the kids but Paul doesn’t want to take a chance. It is a balancing act!

    Your hair looks good.

  7. Your hair looks great! I, too, faced the same. I’ve worn my hair long for years, and was really tired of it. My daughters hairdresser practices all the usual needed protocol (deep cleanings, wearing masks, lots of hand washing, and only 1 person per hairdresser allowed in (2 hairdressers in shop). Am glad I did it. Took about 17″ off the length of my hair & its now just a little below my shoulders. Much easier to take care of (and with heat in the mid 90’s every day for weeks, cooler), I feel so much better.

  8. Your hair looks great! I also weigh the pros and cons before leaving the house. Masks are mandatory in our state now so I feel a little more safe going out but one still has to be careful.

  9. LOVE the haircut. Very becoming. When I got my hair cut after salons were allowed to open up, I was happy with the experience, as the shop was very careful. Plus, my hair had reached the point that either I got it cut professionally or I hacked it off myself (not good!).

  10. I have been wondering about safety myself. I did get a pedicure but could not get up the courage for a haircut plus my haircut place was closed.. Luckily I could pay my sister and she could use some of her rusty skills to cut it. Glad you felt safe

  11. Your hair looks nice! I bet it feels so much better! I’ve got to get my hair cut. It’s been driving me crazy. Almost to my wits end. I have to be careful because I’m high risk. I do have a great hairdresser, so he’ll figure something out. I’ve been gong to him close to forty years. I bet it was fun to fine the Quilt shop with yarn also!! Stay safe! Fin loos so handsome! xo

  12. Cute! I also dislike having to question whether I’ve been anywhere or done anything that might get passed on to someone else…

  13. My husband and I got haircuts about three weeks ago. My reasoning was that we might as well go at the same time and experience the same risk whatever it was. We were the only two people in the salon at the time aside from the two ladies cutting hair. The receptionist was outside at a kiosk and she kept things running smoothly, everyone was masked. Glad we went when we did as the heat and humidity have hit hard the past two weeks.
    You look great and we all should weigh the risks of the choices we make. Sometimes it’s hard to choose our balance, but we’ll figure it out and get better at it as time goes on. Happy for you to have a local quilt shop.

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