Arranging and rearranging

I think I’ve spent as much time moving these blocks around as I spent making them. Not sure if this is the final arrangement or not but I’m ready to be done with this top so it’s time to decide and start assembling.

Can you stand another photo of Finn? He was groomed today – he’s really struggled with the heat this summer and I know it’s going to be worse in Tampa in a couple weeks so I had him shaved short. He’s so handsome!


  1. I like the block arrangement. I know exactly what you mean when you get to the point of “enough….let’s sew”! Finn is beautiful. I love this haircut. Honestly, he doesn’t look real!

  2. I like your quilt layout as you have it now. Call it good and start another one! 😉 While we all know your other home is in Tampa, do you really have to go back there now? I know you and Keith take a lot of precautions but Florida is a scary place right now. But then I guess everywhere is scary isn’t it? Mr. Finn is soooooo handsome with his new HAIRCUT! I don’t know how you got such a beautiful picture of him but his pose is just perfect. In your next life you need to be a professional photographer 🙂

  3. Finn is such a cutie and he looks like he’s striking a pose for you! Can never see too many pictures of him <3

  4. I love the quilt. Bright and cheerful. Finn does look handsome with his new haircut. It’s a good thing our cat never goes outside because he has such a long heavy coat. In past years we’ve had him shaved, but he is a month away from turning 19 and the vet is concerned about the anesthesia required to get that shaving done. So he’s shaggy this summer.

  5. I’m getting ready to cut out a bunch of veteran quilt kitsch to take on vacation. I’m going to look through your collection for ideas. I love this one!

  6. The arrangement you have now looks good. Nice contrasts.
    As everyone else has mentioned, Finn looks perfect in hi new “do”.
    Stay safe. This CV is awful.

  7. I like the arrangement & say “go with it”. You can fuss with something like that forever & usually you end up back at your 1st choice (from my experience). OMG… ANOTHER picture of that dog of yours? LOL! I’m kidding! I adore seeing any & all pix of precious little Finn…new haircut or no! Strike a pose, Finn!!!

    • Finn is adorable; what a great haircut, makes him look very handsome, and I love his pose, too. :o)

  8. I like your haircut too! Very becoming. The quilt is nice. I say go for it and assemble it. Finn is a cutie pie

  9. Well, of course Finn is always handsome short hair or long! I find I skip reading blogs for a while and then come back and read a bunch. I’ll save you a bunch of short responses… I hear you about hating to have to analyze every decision. We’ve been doing some take out meals that brings variety. And, really Vikings or Redskins? Um, Washington Football Team? I bet you are a Vikings fan through and through. I hope a vaccine let’s us go back to normal but I don’t think it will be like it has been. Hope you have a safe drive back to Tampa.

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