Hockey and Cycling?!

Yep, first we watched the Lightning win … now leading the series 3 – 1, and then we watched the first stage of the Tour de France. I am really surprised that the race is taking place this year but happy to be able to watch. Tour time = knitting time so I pulled out my long neglected pink blanket and got back to work. The petal crochet blanket is finished except for weaving the ends in so the timing is perfect.

You can see that Finn was groomed this week. Hopefully, it will be the last time this summer I have to have him cut so short.


  1. Finn looks like a different dog without his fluffy coat, but I’ll bet it feels so much cooler for him. We used to have our long-haired cat shaved once a year. He always looked embarrassed – and like he was wearing wrinkly grey long johns instead of his long luxurious black coat.

    I watched a little of the Tour de France this morning, but got sidetracked and it was over when I came back to it.

  2. Finn isn’t the same without his curls! I couldn’t believe that it’s him.

    Do you have a pattern for the pink Afghan? Very pretty!

  3. Finn looks undressed. He’ll need a sweater when the weather turns chilly. He’s still so cute.


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