It’s a contender!

It’s not drafted to size … but after looking at a lot of scrap quilts I combined a few ideas and came up with this. It will be scrappier too meaning those stars would all be different colors … I use fewer colors when I’m drafting a quilt to make it easier. Blocks would be 9 inches finished … so I’d be working with 3 inch squares and half square triangles … not too big and not too small for a king size quilt. I’d also need to put a 3 inch border on it to bring it up to the size I need which I didn’t draw but I did make some notes. I would set it 11 x 12 or 13 blocks …. 12 might be a little small, 13 might be a little big … I’ll have to measure the width of the bed to see what I’d like better.

Do you see a little similarity to the 9 patch and Hearts quilt I just finished? I love simple scrappy quilts!!!!

….and just in case you don’t remember the fabrics I’m thinking of – here’s another look.

15 thoughts on “It’s a contender!

  1. Beautiful fabrics. The other stack of blues you have are some I bought too, and I even bought border fabrics. I like this pattern and am curious about how it will finish. These fabrics look like civil war fabrics to me and I have a stash of them too.


  2. Mary this is a beautiful classy design. perfect for your autumn/winter colours.
    I read your previous post about looking for ideas, but you yourself just designed
    a timeless quilt. Looking forward to the finished quilt .
    How is your mom?
    When the lockdown happened in our country (Ireland) I thought it was an opportunity to
    finish UFOs instead I lost all desire to do any craft. I’m now chasing my tail
    trying to get things done but I’m glad I’m sewing again.
    Mary you may not remember but I once asked you for info on making a TATW quilt.
    You gave me some ideas and a short time later I came across a very good tutorial.
    I made a small one and loved it and now that I’m back sewing I’m planning a big one.


  3. That is going to be a great quilt. Hum, 9” blocks….I have the 9” cube….I have lots of smaller bits of fabric…. I might emulate your quilt but maybe use brighter colors and make a much smaller quilt. I’m looking forward to seeing your version.


  4. i love both the fabric and new quilt design. This will go towards the top of my to do list. Thank you for all the quilt and yarn inspirations!


  5. Yay for The Contender! (Great quilt name, btw.) I personally find that successful extra large quilts need medium to large simply constructed blocks with a scrappy color scheme – this cuts down on the tedium that sets in after 100 blocks or so, ha!
    I vote for the scrappy blue FQs…but it will be a beauty either way.


  6. I like this!! Will you be using your Accuquilt to cut the pieces? If so, what size squares and triangles do you use. I cannot figure out how to use the Accuquilt for patterns unless I am using one of their patterns. This would make a nice Fall table runner with some borders and I need to make a couple. Can’t wait to see how you put it all together.


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