This Chandelier Bead quilt is done too. A recent UFO from last year but it still counts toward my UFO finishes and makes #10 for the year.

That’s all my quilting and binding for this time at home. Hopefully, I can get some straightening up done in the sewing room before I go so I won’t face the mess when we come back. I’ve still got almost a week before we leave and I’ll pack up more projects to take to Georgia.

Only counting my projects … my new starts this year = 22 and I’ve had 22 finishes. Of course, I’ll get behind again in the next few weeks but I am trying to finish as many quilts as I start this year. I set the goal before we bought the Big Canoe house and didn’t expect to spend half my time up there so I won’t be too upset if I don’t hit it but if feels good to be “caught up” right now!


  1. Wow, you’ve made astonishing progress! Wish I could say the same, but the house renovation projects have to get done first! Love your updates, and all the lovely quilts.

  2. It certainly does feel good when you meet those goals, whether they are too ambitious or not. Whoever receives these beauties will feel the beauty and comfort.

  3. This one is very crisp and bright looking. Just another one of yours that I love. My last favorite was I think you called it Hunters Star.

  4. Love this quilt!!! Good for you, all your STARTS and FINISHES!!! Glad it is turning into a productive time.

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