After a round of tests and labs last week, I saw the doctor today. He told me that while we’ll continue to monitor, we can consider me in remission (from Thyroid cancer). That’s great because he’s going to back my suppression therapy down a little and hopefully that will help with some of the bothersome symptoms I’ve been dealing with for the last 2 years.


  1. That’s fantastic news! Hope that backing off on the meds a bit will also cut back on the side effects.

  2. That is really good news! I has to be frustrating when the therapy side effects have such a negative impact on life.

  3. Sure is nice for you to get this good news! I hope the changes to your meds goes smoothly as you adjust to that. Have a safe trip next week. 🙂

  4. Good news! and glad the tests are behind you, and hope you feel a lot better in the coming months. Safe travels to Georgia.

  5. Delighted to hear it! Praying that you stay in remission as he backs down your meds and your side effects lessen. Enjoy your time at your new home!

  6. That is great. Hope you are well and continue to feel better. Thanks for all the sharing you do. Carolyn Prentice from Santa Teresa, New Mexico

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  7. That’s great news ,Mary! Your quite a gal! You just keep right on trucking. I hope it does stop some of the bothersome symptoms your having. Just love all the quilts! Wonderful job on all of them. Seems impossible you will be back in Georgia next week. Stay safe!!

  8. Mary, that is wonderful news – I’m so happy for you and your family. Please know that all the time you have been going through this, you have never let any of us down.

  9. i’ve been behind on reading blogs, and saw your note on remission. I am happy for you. I hadn’t thought about your needing to take suppression drugs or the side effects those drugs can have. Happy they are going to lower the dose. You amaze me in that you get so much done despite everyting. Enjoy Big Bear and some increased peace of mind

  10. Such great news and so happy you will be a bit more at ease due to it. You are certainly a force of nature and I do hope you get some relief from the annoying symptoms as they change up things for you.

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