Chandelier quilt Pattern

I’ve gotten lots of comment and requests for that pattern for my Chandelier quilt. I did a search for charm square quilts and lots of these came up. As you know, I’m pretty good at drafting my own quilts and that’s what I did but I had lots of questions about the pattern so I went searching …..

I found the quilt pattern on Google books … scroll down to page 20.
Charm School

Someone also suggested that there was another free pattern at Jordon Fabrics called Beads.

I’m fortunate that I can look at most quilts and figure out the math myself but both of these of these should give you the information you need to make a similar quilt!


  1. Thank you for finding a pattern for your chandelier quilt. That looks like something a granddaughter would like.

  2. I used the Jordan Fabrics pattern you mentioned. But like you, I enjoy just doing the math myself to figure out a block on my own.

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