I’m not going to start debating politics with my commenters but I will tell you all this – you DO NOT get to dictate the content of my blog. You DO get to choose whether you visit or not.

I think it’s rather interesting that comments supporting my beliefs for the most part have not had to be approved meaning you are regular visitors who have commented before while the negative comments have required approval meaning those people haven’t interacted with me previously. I have chosen to approve those comments even though I personally do not agree with them. I think they demonstrate why we should be worried about the state of our country.


  1. Hi,
    I am from the other side of the Atlantic. And, over here, we really do fear what is going to happen in the states. Your president do make some very serious collateral damages…. . So Hang in there. And thank you for making us hope that people like you will bring the changes that are so needed.

  2. Well said! This is your blog.
    I don’t usually comment and enjoy your blog. You have inspired me when in stuck for ideas.
    Thank you

  3. So glad to read your comment – this is your blog and I will continue to read it every day. Hope your foot is feeling better 🙂

  4. I read a few of the trump supporter/anti Biden comments and stopped reading the BS. Their dishonest agenda, beliefs and misguided special interests are exactly what brought us to the disaster we have had to endure for more than four years. No surprise they believe they can tell you what the content of your blog should be!

  5. Mary, So sorry you have to read so much hate & name calling. I pray every day for supposed ‘Christians’ and uninformed people who are spreading the divisiveness, lies, & hate of the current leader (unfortunately) of our country.
    My God believes in
    Love,not hate.
    Truth, not lies.
    Unity, not division.
    Helping all people come together for His greater purpose.

  6. I do not engage in any political conversations online. Facebook drives me crazy enough and I do not participate there either. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs. Of course you can do what you want since it is your blog, and I respect that. I enjoy reading your daily postings and I just ignore any political postings whether I agree or not. I feel it is nobody’s business who I am voting for. This year is a tough one and that is how I am handling it. And I will be so happy when it is over!!!

  7. As you know, we all have our own set of beliefs, Mary. I’m glad to see that you are choosing to allow both sides of the story in your comments, regardless of how anyone votes. I enjoy visiting your blog and rarely miss a day.

  8. The only comment of either leaning that really disturbed me was the one from Jeanne who said, “the majority of the Bible Belt still wear blinders.” I don’t know about you, Mary, but as a fellow Southerner I find this thinking to be regional racism. It’s also an example of the “us against them” tribalism so many have adopted In recent years. If we were once again called upon to unite as our grandparents were during the 1940’s, I’m not sure we could stop squabbling long enough to do so. I’d like to assure Jeanne that, while I’m guilty of saying “y’all” and calling people “sugar,” we Southerners are not uneducated louts who spend our time playing the banjo and drinking moonshine out of jugs marked “xxx.” In 1858 Abraham Lincoln warned that “A house divided against itself, cannot stand.” I’m afraid we haven’t learned that lesson.

  9. The person reading a blog is welcome to unsubscribe anytime. I have done so on some blogs and do not miss the controversy.

    The main message here is you have the right to your opinion and this blog does allow more than one view. But by accessing this blog, you must abide by the comment rules and the blogger can monitor what is published.

    The main message is to vote. You have no right to complain if you sit this election out. It may not go the way you want it to but you had your say. Don’t be a child throwing a tantrum because it didn’t go your way. The country has a voting process that is not altered because you don’t like it.

    And opinions are not facts. Neither are exaggerations, lies, and false promises or false predictions.

  10. I enjoy commenting and reading comments but I often don’t read the political pieces so I think I missed the comments you mention. I think good on you for approving but if you don’t want to, that’s up to you too 👍

  11. I will repeat that all of us need to do what we believe to the best of of our ability. The nation was built on the differing opinions and used to be improved by listening to one another and learning. We need to to start listening and having civil discourse and making laws to reflect our desires. For many years we haven’t forced our legislators to do the difficult things and so we end up with a situation where no one is fully happy. Rules and laws were not supposed to be written by the judicial or executive branches. Those are both too narrow in scope and answering to too few people. As a scientist there is a manner to do what we need done that worked for a long time. Vote the bottom of the ticket carefully next cycle.

  12. There seem to be a lot of people leaving “helpful comments” on blogs. Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville Quips & Snips was having problems with this too. My take is, if you don’t like the content don’t read the blog. I don’t know why anyone thinks they have the right to dictate to another.

  13. that’s the good and bad of a blog…there is no end to the people who feel entitled to stick their noses into somebody else’s business…look at bonnie hunter for example…i was taught at an early age taboo topics are politics and religion….

  14. Holy cow, I’ve just spent a bit of time catching up. I do like to read comments and I had a few replies.

    Your Blog! People are so rude and judgmental. The anonymity of the Internet has brought out rudeness and 45 has profoundly approved and promoted it. How will we ever recover civility in this country???? 🙁

  15. Mary I feel that people make comments on the internet that they never would in person. Guess they think they are brave. We all have our own beliefs and if we don’t agree maybe best course would be to go away and keep your fingers off the keyboard. As my mother said if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.

  16. Donald Trump is a global joke. Even conservatives in other countries are horrified that his divisive, greedy, and dangerous line of politics pours shame on other conservative government ideology worldwide. He has done more to destroy the credibility of his own party ideology than any other person in the world. I really hope that the citizens of America do the right thing for themselves and the rest of the world and vote this man out.

    Good on you for standing up to the people trying to troll you on your own blog, Mary.

  17. I have been behind on blog reading but after reading this post, I checked out the comments on earlier posts Wow. I wonder what alternative reality some of the posters inhabit? I. happily, proudly, voted for Biden/Harris and I really don’t understand why any rational, informed person would vote for Trump. I just hope there are more of us than there are of them and we can get this country on the right track again.

  18. Well, if I didn’t agree with you, I would probably pass the post without commenting. I don’t debate politics on social media. I HAVE posted several times that I am a democrat and have lost a couple of readers because of it. Like you, my blog is MINE. But, you know how much I love your blog and how much I appreciate a return contact. This is one of my favorite stops in the morning over coffee.
    Be well and be safe.
    xx, Carol

  19. 👍👍 A 🇨🇦 but worried for the states of our nations. Best of luck in 10 days. I’m hoping hoping hoping for a good outcome.

  20. It is so interesting to hear all these opinions, some very strong, some quietly expressing their beliefs in undertones… God is in control of all, even our politics.

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