Moving on

Several of you commented about using my left foot to sew with and I have been doing that … I’d forgotten how easy it was to manage the pedal with my left foot but it’s also easier on the Elna than the Jane because I have a speed control dial so I can’t go but so fast!

No photo of it yet but I’m about half way done assembling the first Plus quilt. I’ll have enough squares leftover for a doll quilt too. Just a simple one with alternating colored and background squares. Rae has requested that the next doll quilt be a little bigger so she can put more than one doll under it! I need to cut some more gray squares.

I’ve done as much knitting as I have sewing… maybe more. I alternate between the two so I can have my foot elevated some. The Blue hat is finished. This is one I started in February I think and it got set aside.

It looks big on my hat head but she has a little head … this is large enough for a guy but it also fits me with a big overlap on my ears ( that makes it nice and warm). It’s nice to have a “one size fits most” hat when you’re donating them.

And rather than start a new project, I pulled out another UFO last night … that’s the scarf you saw sitting on my lap in the library photo. I’m rather proud of myself for resisting a new start!


  1. Love the blue hat Mary, could you tell me the pattern name. Love the extended brim for the added warmth. Thank you so much for all you do for us. Gloria

  2. That will be a very cute doll quilt. Love the colors. I just ordered a baby doll for my great granddaughter for Christmas and was thinking I should make a doll quilt for it. Now you have inspired me to get it done.

  3. I know that getting to the point that I could sew was big for me when I broke my foot. I bought a trash can to put under the machine table to stop the full drop and that extended the time I could sew without causing pain and swelling.

  4. Love the one size for all hat!! I’m glad you can get back to sewing. Does your Elna have a Stop/Start button? I found it easy to use for machine quilting but I’m not sure I could get used to it for piecing.

  5. Your hat is “Jackrabbit blue”, one of my favorite colors. It’s a good looking hat. And those dotted fabrics are sweet.

  6. Oh that will be a lovely pastel Dolly quilt ;))) I am at the pinning stage of my two little dolly quilts for Fiona and Willa Rose…my granddaughters…I made the reverse a Santa fabric…so they can switch it over for the Holidays. I mean stuffed animals and dolls need to celebrate too ;)))
    Hugs, Julierose

  7. Mary, you are absolutely ‘right’. No one can dictate your opinions that you write on your blog… whether or not they are about quilting, knitting or politics…. they can choose to read or not read, ignore or not, follow you or not follow you. Love your attitude and beliefs. And am glad you able to use your ‘good’ foot for sewing but interesting that one machine is easier than the other. Something to remember should any of us find ourselves having to switch feet to sew… and it just shows, if one thing doesn’t work, change things and try again! Where there is a will, there is a way.

  8. Like the colors of the doll quilt and really like the yarn your using for the scarf. It’s great your able to do some quilting. Does your ankle get tired? Take care and stay safe. Don’t like the way the numbers of the Virus keep going up!!

  9. Hi Mary! How sweet that Rae wants to cover two or more dollies with the quilt you make for her. I love that!! It is past time for me to get some doll quilts finished myself. Love these fabrics! ~smile~ Roseanne

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