It’s nothing fancy but I did manage to load and quilt the Truck Strippie today. I’m definitely not going to try anything larger or a pantograph with this boot on but I will go ahead and quilt a small Strippie for Mom too.

I’m also cutting out some masks … COVID cases seem to be rising quickly now and I think we’re in a for a rough ride through the end of the year. Now, I’m going to sit with my foot up and knit a while. Keith is going to take a walk after work and then get us some take out for dinner – PF Chang’s! I’m in the mood for some Chinese.


  1. This is a sweet strippie Mary. I have an almost three year old great grandson who would love it. I like th bright colours. you remain a busy woman even when the boot is try ing to slow you down. I looked at the blue hat yesterday, and was wishing I could knit something like that. Maybe this winter i can learn, Have a great weekend.

  2. I love your Strippies. There’s something about the simple quilts that appeal to me. I also like quilts made with small squares. I so envy how you’re able to get so much accomplished. I did sew and quilt 5 baby quilts and one lap quilt when we were shut down in the spring. I started another baby quilt in June for my great niece, but its still in pieces. We started back to school in August and so far we’re still open. When I get home, I’m exhausted. We have some students in school and some remote. I’ll be glad when things go back to “normal” next fall(??).

  3. It probably helps with the small quilts that you don’t have to move side to side much in front of the quilting machine. Very cute!!

  4. Sounds like a good plan. My plan includes camping in our front yard to see if we can travel a little with minimal social contact. We have converted one of our SUVs into a camper and it is totally self contained. find some dirt to rent and we can travel. We have water, a toilet and shower in a privacy space. We have an amazing kitchen in a box. A power source which includes a solar panel and inverter. We also have a leisure space that we can pop up if we want. it is a two room tent. My plan is no where near as fun as yours.

  5. I have made one Strippie. I was looking for a quilt project to start and I’m thinking I might give the plus 3 pattern a try. We just don’t go off this mountain very often. Terry has a hard time breathing with the cloth masks. Now that we are deep into the Covid threat the cost of paper masks has really come down. Terry’s cardiologist suggested he use the paper masks when he needs one.25 for $8 sold me. I still wear a cloth mask.

    I am so ready for the virus to be under control. I would love to see some of this wonderful state we moved to!!
    xx, Carol

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