I was a little nervous of having it done while we were gone but the painting has been finished on the Big Canoe house. Our inspection found wood rot and some pealing paint on the trim of the house so even though the house didn’t really look too bad … we needed to address the issues. We debated whether we wanted to just deal with the trim issues or do the whole exterior and in the end we decided to paint it all.

This is the before photo

And this is the one the painter sent today. I told Keith he could pick the new color and after reviewing what was allowed … he decided on staying with the same colors although the shades might be a little different. The green is a little darker than I expected but I think there had probably been some fading over time too.

Overall, it looks really good in the photos and I’m anxious to see it in person.

Funny thing is they’re painting our townhouses here too but the Big Canoe house was finished in 4 days and they’ve barely started here after 2 and a half weeks! Of course, there has been a lot of rain here and there are 21 units plus garages and a pool house.


  1. That’s a gorgeous colour! I’ve wanted to paint our trim in that green but hubby would rather leave it white….
    I’ll keep working on him!

  2. It looks great, perfect for the surroundings. I know you are looking forward to seeing it in person!!!

  3. It’s lovely. Did they paint the cement or stucco at the bottom? It so refreshing to paint things isn’t it? We had a painter come and touch up some things for us along with patching. Put me in a happy mood!

  4. I didn’t realize your home was so large. It’s a beautiful place! I’m not sure which green I like. But, they are both nice colors for living in a forest like setting. Hope your ankle is healing and your behaving yourself. :o)

  5. What a lovely color to paint your home – and the white looks very clean and crisp next to the lovely green. It ‘fits’ in the landscape now. Beautiful!

  6. Your house looks beautiful, love the new color. it blends in with the natural colors of the woods around it! Hope your ankle is feeling better.

  7. The new green looks up to date and gives the house a friendly upbeat presence. I like it! Seems that fresh paint usually looks shinier and brighter for a few months. Looks like it was a very big job for the painters.

  8. Love the house…paint and those wonderful balconies. Things move so slowly where we are. You would think in CA contractors would be eager to work, especially since the work isn’t cheap. We are STILL waiting for them to start tearing up the kitchen. God only knows how long the mechanic is going to have our HUMMER! We have started making jokes about “whatever happened to that other vehicle we used to have?” It’s beyond me.
    xx, Carol

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