I’ve already been asked about instructions for my PLUS 3 quilt so I wrote up some brief notes and added them to the website. You can find them at this link.

I also finished assembling the leftover squares into a small doll quilt last night. If I don’t do these right after I finish the top, they seem to sit in Baggies for a long time! I think I’ll probably big stitch hand quilt this one in a simple crosshatch. It’s not fancy but I’m enjoying the little bit of hand quilting.


  1. That’s a nice doll quilt! Looks plenty big to fit a couple of Baby dolls under it. One of the plus two quilts looks sort of Amish? Great job! Does look like you enjoyed your walk even with the boot on!! Take care!

  2. Thanks for the pattern, Mary. Your generosity is so appreciated. And that doll quilt is so sweet. I think you said it will be for your granddaughter, who I’m sure will love and appreciate it.

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