Mom’s little Strippie is quilted and already boxed up to send back to her. Quilting is simple, just a watery meander and some hearts from Granny! She made this one for her youngest great-grandchild.

It’s awkward trying to walk and quilt with the boot. It wasn’t too bad with these two little Strippies but that’s all the quilting I’ll do on the longarm until I get the boot off. I’ll have a few weeks at home before Christmas and I’m planning another quilting marathon hoping to catch up a little before the end of the year.


  1. This is a happy quilt, and a child will certainly enjoy it. Keep on mentioning simple quilting ideas Mary please. I feel somewhat encouraged when you do..Thanks

  2. Such cute fabric showcased in this quilt. I have 2 yet that I kitted up this summer and I plan to put them on my November goal list to make. Then I’ll have 3 of them to quilt.

  3. I would like to quibble about the word “just”. The second sentence would be perfect without it.
    The quilt and the quilting are wonderful and will be much loved.

  4. I love the Strippies. I just stitched in a ditch when I made my great grandson’s I need to stretch my self on the next one.
    xx, Carol

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