Another hat

I was going to use the pattern on the yarn band but I’d forgotten it was knit flat vs in the round so I just made it up as I went along. It’s taken me a long time in knitting to be able to make something without a pattern but I’m at that point that I can use a stitch dictionary to come up with a scarf or blanket and I can knit plain hats without too much thought.

  • Cast on 96 stitches
    • K2P2 ribbing for 2 inches then knit until hat measures 6 inches from cast on edge.
  • Yarn – Caron Cupcake
  • Needle size – 6
  • Size – this hat is child size but does fit on my head. Knit hats have plenty of stretch so I find I don’t have to worry about hitting an exact size. I often see Rae or Mo wearing hats I made for the other one.

The yarn came with a Pom Pom but the swirl on the top of this hat looks so cute that I’m not going to use it. I’ve got enough yard for another small hat from this cupcake so I’ll use it on that one.

Since I finished this one so quickly, I’ll have to cast on another hat tonight so I’ll have a small project to work on tomorrow in the car.

Several people have mentioned wanting to learn to knit and I encourage you to give it a try. I taught myself to knit from a book in 2006 and while I still just consider myself an experienced beginner, I can knit the simple projects that interest me. Today, there are many YouTube videos that can supplement a How to Book and there are online classes available too. You’re never too old to learn either. I taught Mom several years ago and while she doesn’t knit now because of her hands, she made some very pretty scarves including some simple lace work.


  1. Mary, could you please tell me the number of stitches and rows for an adult hat? I’d like to try making some of each to send to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in S.D., along with some blankets I’m sending. They are really in need of warm things for winter. They are really in need of everything.
    I enjoy your posts and am in agreement with your views on life and times in the U.S. today. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some relief. I have voted.

  2. I like this hat too Mary. I have a large head, and many hats are too small. The swirl on the top is perfect. I am not a great fan of pom poms.

  3. That hat turned out great, Mary! Thanks for including that helpful link. I had trouble with a hat when I tried a self-designed decreases. Let’s just say counting isn’t my first language! LOL!

  4. Pretty hat! I love the swirl on top too. I would love to knit some hats and may give it a try. My problem is fixing mistakes. Crochet is so easy to fix if you find a mistake 3 rows back. Knitting is not so easy to fix. But I like knitted hats better than crocheted hats. I would say you are pretty much an expert knitter.

  5. Oh very very pretty and i love the crown swirl nice job on this hat…I do miss my knitting…hands just won’t allow it anymore…it was my “go-to” craft for years…well, everything changes –cycles and all that hugs, julierose

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