Making Blankets

I can be lazy so I tend to like the self striping yarns that are available today rather than buying a bunch of solids and weaving in a ton of ends. I’ve made a ton of blankets over the last couple years (37 of them!) and found some yarn/pattern combinations that I really like too.

You know of my new found love of the Mandala Ombré yarns when paired with the Linen Stitch.

I’ve used a ton of the Caron Big Cake yarn in the last couple years and have tons of it yet to use. My favorite two patterns for it so far are the Easy Ripple and the somewhat fancier Woodland Ripple.

The Lion Brand Big Scoop yarn looks great with the Blanket Stitch pattern. This yarn comes in variegated colorways too but for this pattern I like the single color ones … I’ve done a pink blanket and a yellow blanket and I have blue yarn waiting. It comes in a green too so I’m sure I’ll eventually make one of these in that color too.

And I’m thrilled because I’ve finally found the perfect pattern for the Caron Cotton cake yarn. I’ve made at least 3 other blankets with this yarn and I’ve liked them all OK but I’m LOVING this yarn with the Shell Stitch Blanket. I’ve got a fair amount of it at home and I’m thinking most of it will probably end up being used with this pattern.

And that’s probably more than you want to know about my crochet blankets!


  1. Anyone who makes 37 blankets in two years is NOT lazy…’ve found a way to be more efficient! 🙂 They are all beautiful….I especially love the linen stitch and the pink blanket stitch!

  2. They are gorgeous , how many skeins for one ? You are so creative and productive. Love all your creations !

  3. So beautiful. Please explain how these self striping crochet blankets are made. Is there a definite pattern so that the new color starts at the next row?

  4. Thanks for the post will all the information. I crochet baby blankets for our church for Baptisms and love new patterns. I have used the Big Scoop and like the feel. Happy crocheting.

  5. Thanks for the links to the different patterns that you’ve used! Your blankets are always fun and I’m sure that the recdipients appreciate the warmth that they provide.
    What is the cotton yarn like to work with? I’ve recently knit a bunch of cotton dishcloths with the Handicrafter cotton, but I can’t knit with it for long because there’s no give to it and my arthritic hands can’t deal with that…

  6. Loved all your blankets. I, too, wish I could crochet. I do knit so I will look to see if your patterns come with knitting instructions. I tried to knit using a James C Brett Fairy Cake but the “yarn” seemed more like string to me. Hope your ankle continues to improve.

  7. I can neither crochet nor knit but I sure can enjoy and admire the work of those who do! All the knit patterns and colors of all these blankets are just beautiful. There is no way I could pick a favorite.

  8. Wow lovely blankets. Almost makes me want to learn to crochet. I love the multicoloured yarns.I must look out for the cotton yarns. The charities I knit for only accept things made from natural yarns preferably wool but I think the cotton would be nice to make over the summer. You are certainly not lazy 37 blankets in a year that is a blanket every 1.4 weeks along with all your quilts and hats

  9. Wow. So pretty! I have to thank you for your mentioning items that you like to use. Even though I don’t actually enter stores/shops during these difficult times, I was able to get some Mandala yarn. I do online grocery pickup, and I got some Mandala Ombre yarn through my Walmart grocery pickup. Who knew?? 🙂 And it is wonderfully soft. Thank you so much for mentioning it!

    Also, thank you for the linen stitch recommendation. I watched a 5 minute YouTube tutorial on it, and it is easy and fun to crochet! I have already started 2 linen stich afghans—-one with Mandala Ombre in colorway Thunderbird (Walmart didn’t have a huge selection) and one with a brand of yarn from Hobby Lobby called I Love This Yarn. It works up nicely, and I have lots of it that I need to use up.

    My go-to afghan crochet blankets are mostly crocheted using a very complicated pattern—1 single crochet followed by 1 double crochet—-and that’s it. 🙂 I do this for the entire afghan, and it looks surprisingly good. Plus, it takes no thinking. 🙂

    I’m excited to continue with my 2 linen stitch afghans. Thank you again! I’ve started the Mandala afghan with an H hook. I noticed that you used an I hook with the Mandala, and so on my next Mandala Ombre afghan, I will go with an I hook, as well.

    Question—Do you routinely do a finishing edge around the perimeter of afghans when you are finished?

  10. I can not believe all the blankets you have made. All just beautiful! I love the linen stitch and the Mandala yarn. Is it a soft yarn and what brand do you buy and from where? I think I will order some yarn and then I will just have to make it. Can you also tell me how many skeins you used and the size when finished. I always love a ripple too. I made one years ago using double yarn of two different colors and switched colors every few rows. It turned out beautiful. It was a Vanna White pattern. Thank you for your inspiration and tips!!

  11. I’m new to your blog and I must say you do just beautiful work of which I could never accomplish in regard to knitting and crochet. I’m a quilter mostly. as prolific as you are I wonder if you gift away all that you make or some charity work. Whoever is on the receiving end of these if so very lucky, they surely will stay warm. Keep it going, I just love reading your blog.You are awesome. Hope your ankle is doing well. Fran from Iowa

  12. I do a lot of crocheted blankets for Project Linus. All the yarn is free (via donations) and there isn’t a lot of one yarn so it makes you even very creative. I love the Blanket Stitch blankets you make and I make this one a lot.

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