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It’s funny but I get more comments and emails about my hand stitching binding than you’d expect. I’ve been quilting for 20 years and I hand stitch all of my bindings down with the exception of the occasional tied HeartStrings quilts where I’m doing the binding and those I pull the backing to the front and machine stitch with a zigzag or decorative stitch. It may surprise some of you but I LIKE hand stitching them and yes it does take more time but I’m always awake late and it’s just hand work for me to end my day with just like my crochet and knitting. I listen to music or an audiobook or occasionally watch a program or football on TV. My bindings are as sturdy and hold up as well as machine stitched ones and I just think they look neater too.

And now, here are the last four I’ve finished. I’ve finished 9 in December so far. All of these will be donated.

Rainbow HeartStrings – brief instructions are on my website.
5 Star – brief instructions are available on my website.
Ohio Star – brief instructions are available on my website
Boxed Squares – brief instructions are available on my website.


  1. All of them are beautiful! It would be hard for me to donate them and not give them away to people I know. You are very kind to do that. I do not like hand stitching bindings and only do it for special quilts. When I first started making quilts I did them all by hand and would watch movies, which I never seem to have time to do. So it is nice that it forces you to sit still for a while and that was nice. But I kept practicing sewing the binding on and finally found a way that is okay for me. But I agree, hand sewing does look nicer.

  2. I also love hand stitching bindings. It gives the front side such a smooth edge, and the back is just as lovely if my stitches are tiny enough to not show. I love all of your quilts. Thanks so much for sharing all your beautiful work. Have a lovely holiday season. And thanks for the virtual trip to the beach! I’m jealous!

  3. Someone you will never meet will love the quilts made by you. A warm handmade item is more precious than low cost items charities are given to distribute. I have been told recently by a charity how much the workers appreciate seeing the donated items.

  4. Stitching the binding down by hand is one of my favorite parts of making a quilted piece. I’ve been doing it for over 40 yrs and will for as long as I make quilts.

    • Me, too. I even hand stitch binding on potholders! I never have quilts waiting to be bound. I look forward to sitting with my quilt. It just might be the only time I have the pleasure of being wrapped up in it if it is a gift or I’ve sold it. It is also a wonderful time of reflection about the person I made it for, if I am giving it to someone I know and love, be it family or friend.

  5. So many pretty quilts that will bring joy to someone. I like hand stitching my bindings too. It’s relaxing, even though I’m getting slower at it as my hands get a bit arthritic. I also like the look of them best.

  6. So glad that you were safe from yesterday’s tornado. We watched the reports on FOX 13. Seems like the last few years there have been tornado’s in and around Christmas week.
    All your quilts are stunning. I too, prefer to hand stitch the binding. Only once in a while will I machine stitch the binding.

  7. There is something very satisfying when you use up those scraps. All of these are just beautiful but I really like the first colorful string quilt!

  8. Your quilts are beautiful, Mary! I too love to hand stitch the bindings on quilts. It’s just a peaceful way to finish making a quilt.

  9. You’re such an inspiration! The quilts are beautiful. I can only imagine how much the recipient of the quilt will forever appreciate that a stranger took such care making a lovely and useful gift for them. ♥

  10. I enjoy hand stitching bindings and am sad when asked to machine sew them down, but do understand the reason. Mostly I wanted to comment on the superb quilt holder upper you have. Just a couple of fingers showing and so straight.😊

  11. My favorite part is sewing the binding down by hand. Love the feel and look of hand sewn binding. I have made lots of quilts and never sewn binding by machine. You do such lovely work and give it away. Keep posting your work, you inspire lots of us.

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