My Chisel Stars is quilted – #11 for December. Pantograph is Bountiful Feathers. Pulling this one out of the closet reminds me that I want to use this pattern again. It used the Chisel and 3 inch finished HST dies and it was an easy one to piece.

I’m tired and I’ve decided I’m not going to work tonight. No coming up to the sewing room to work when Keith goes to bed, no sitting up to 2 AM binding! I’m going to relax and read, listen to music, sit on the porch with my Christmas lights and just take it easy. I’ve worked hard the last couple weeks and with 2 weeks left in the month I can slow down a little. Just 4 more to quilt, 6 to bind, the Windmill blocks to finish and the top to assemble on my list of goals to do before the end of the year.


  1. This is beautiful, I always love Friendship Star quilts. I would think that a rest now definitely would be in order after all you’ve done since you came to Tampa. You kinda got me by saying you were going to sit outside! Not too many places in the US can say that.

  2. That is just beautiful!! Yes, I would say that you definitely deserve a rest. Time to try and enjoy this weird Christmas we will be having. I was just told that the father of the great grand-baby I babysit on Tuesdays tested positive for COVID. Her mother was negative thank goodness. I am still somewhat worried. The father is doing fine but is quarantined in their spare bedroom. Their Christmas just got even more stressful unfortunately. Stay safe and take care!!

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