The L Block Charm top is quilted. I went looking for a star pantograph last night and didn’t see one that wasn’t complicated. Many digitized patterns are intended to be quilted by a computerized machine and they can be very detailed. I use a digital pattern but quilt it myself so they need to be more simple. This morning I found one that came with my machine called VermStar and it was basically a meander with stars mixed in so I decided to give it a try. This is #12 quilted for December.

I actually was up early and got this one loaded and quilted by 12:30 pm. I was waiting for the exterminator who didn’t call or show up. I’ve spoken with Terminix and they’ll be out tomorrow. I’d say I got up early for nothing but that’s not the case. I was piecing a backing for this one when my Elna started to screech. I know she’s way overdue for servicing and she’s 19 years old so as I headed out the door to take her in for servicing, I told Keith not to be surprised if I came home with a new machine. He was still surprise when I walked in with a new machine. I’m still hoping the Elna can be repaired and be a backup machine but it looks like this will be my main piecing machine here in Tampa now. Mom will be shocked because I always said I didn’t like her Bernina’s but the shop didn’t have a Babylock and said they were having trouble getting them so I gave it a try and decided to go with it. Now I just have to get used to a new machine again. I’m just now starting to feel comfortable with the Innova longarm after a year and a half so I hope it doesn’t take that long.

Normally I would never piece a quilt on two different machines but who knows when the Elna will be ready (if ever) so I’ve been piecing windmill blocks this afternoon. I’m hoping I don’t have to do too much easing when it comes time to sew everything together.


  1. I bought my Bernina about 15 years ago and it’s been a dream machine for me. It hums when I sew and I’ve never had a serious problem. I do clean it all the time and it was extremely picky with thread for the first 13 years. I’ve thought about updating her but just can’t bear to part with her. I wish you the good luck I’ve had with mine.

  2. I think it is exciting that you are making a new quilting friend. I really like my Bernina. It is about 10 years old, and it will just chug along rarely skipping a beat. It took me a while to be comfortable with it, but I am there now, and all is good. hope yours will be a good friend to you as well May.

  3. The meander with the star looks great on your quilt. I love that quilt and I don’t even care for the color blue. I have a Bernina 550 and love it.

  4. I bought this exact machine 9 months ago, when my ancient Singer imploded. So far I love it. I did have a funny thing happen with it one day, and read on someone’s blog it happened to them too, so I’ll share. I was not sewing, when I noticed the machine was making a weird sound all by itself. I thought “what the heck, it’s a brand-new machine?” I checked all kinds of things to see if I could find out what was making the noise: bobbin change, rethreading, presser foot, etc. I finally noticed the small lever on top, that you push in to fill the bobbin, was bumped part way in. The bobbin winder was spinning! I realized that I must have bumped it earlier when I was dusting the whole machine and sewing area. So if you hear a noise, check there first! It’s easy to bump when changing thread spools!

    • Yep, done that myself. I really like Berninas, my 2nd one. I never feel the need for the top of the line machines. It’s a great machine and I hope you will soon feel comfortable using it.

  5. I think you will like this machine once you get used to it. I’ve been sewing on Berninas since 1992. My favorite one is my 440 QE. It never fails me. I got a 590 a few years ago and I find it is more finicky.

  6. One of my machines is a Bernina and I love it except for the expense. If I take it to the local shop yearly servicing is more than many sewing machines. I found an alternative that makes it bearable but the pandemic is killing me. I have lots of machines due for service and I don’t go lots of places.

  7. I have older Bernina and get the m o st accurate 1/4″seam would love to update to one that tells me when bobbin is out but my main machine is a Husqvarna. Enjoy your new machine Janice

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    > Mary posted: ” The L Block Charm top is quilted. I went looking for a star > pantograph last night and didn’t see one that wasn’t complicated. Many > digitized patterns are intended to be quilted by a computerized machine and > they can be very detailed. I use a digital patt” >

  8. I bought a low level (nothing fancy) in 2000 and ran the heck out of it until it gave up the ghost in 2019. I didn’t even look at another brand! Love my Bernini after always being a Singer girl.

  9. I have that sewing machine and love it!! I also have a Bernina 770 but it is finicky and more complicated. I use it mainly for the little bit of straight line quilting I do because it has a bigger throat space. And I love the big bobbins!! I think you will like it once you get used to it. Enjoy!

  10. I have friends with Bernina machines and love them. I’ve never had one. Prior to my Pfaff purchases I always had Singers. And the main reason I bought the Pfaff was because that was the brand our local shop carried so I could get some guidance and service.

  11. I have had my Bernina 930 since 1986 and it still sews a beautiful stitch. I have made countless quilts and it has a beautiful applique stitch. Hope you like yours and have many happy hours piecing on it.

  12. I hope you have many years of enjoyment with your new machine once you have bonded. I agree with only using one machine to work on a project. I love my Vikings and my Pfaff, but I find the 1/4 inch on my Pfaff is a hair more scant. If I add up all the scant hairs, by the end of the quilt I can make a wig. Of course, I can ease the blocks to fit, but I’d rather just do brainless sewing and not think about it.

  13. The sewing Machine looks very impressive! Good for you. It’s nice you have it . You put your sewing machines to good use making Quilts for those who need something to keep them warm. It’s wonderful what you do!! Very giving! Take Care!

  14. The L Charm blocks look great. I found your PDF directions and plan to make a QOV from my scrap charms. Thank you for being so generous with your patterns and directions.

  15. I recommend setting a seam guide ledge of layers of painters tape, using a seam guide ruler (has holes for 1/4″, 1/2″, etc.) to establish an accurate 1/4 seam allowance. Using the same seam guide ruler and this technique, your seams will be consistent on all your machines so it won’t matter if a project was made on more than one machine.

  16. Your new machine looks lovely. You will have it all figured out in no time, I’m sure. Can you please tell me how you use a digital panto and quilt it yourself?

  17. Ooh how exciting! A new machine! My friend has a Bernina and I’ve always “wanted” one though I’ve considered it beyond my budget… My husband keeps suggesting I buy a new machine and get some good use out of it before I’m too old to enjoy it but I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to adjust… My machine now is pretty analog. Keep us updated on how you like it!

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