The weekend

I’m not quilting this weekend but I am getting quilts ready for binding … 3 trimmed and the binding is on one of them now and ready for me to hand stitch tonight. The longarm comes in handy even when I’m not quilting!

I’ve also finished the Windmill blocks and have been playing around with placement on the design wall. I’ll start assembling the top sometime in the next week after I’ve had more time to study it and move blocks around.

Chris went hiking with Mo today and sent this photo, I love seeing them wear the hats I make for them! This one is a year or two old and he said he thinks it was one I made for Rae. I don’t care who wears them as long as they use them. She is such a cutie pie!


  1. Indeed she is a beautiful little girl. Aren’t we fortunate to have these little folks in our lives. You are always busy Mary. I admire your stamina as well as your good heart, and your talent for creating and living life to the fullest. We have a bit of snow here, but it won’t stay as rain is in the forecast for the next few days. Enjoy Sunday.

  2. She’s a beauty! She looks so sweet in her hat. We had 15” of snow in Pa on Wednesday into Thursday. I’m too old to enjoy snow when I have to shovel it.

  3. Wow, look at all those quilts! Beautiful! Mo sure is a cutie and looks so cute in her knitted hat. You are so lucky your son and daughter-in-law keep you up to date with pictures.

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