Is there anything better?

Is there anything better than curling up under a quilt with a warm puppy?! Keith always wonders at how attached Finn is to me. I was reading the other day and saw something about how Havanese dogs are called Velcro dogs because they get so attached to their owners. Well no surprise to me because Finn is half Havanese !


  1. I have a wire haired terrier and he seems to have that same velcro trait. He loves to lay on a quilt or fleece quilt or blanket snuggled on my legs in the lazy boy chair. He was adopted from a shelter in July and I think he is making up snuggle time.

  2. What a sweet picture! We have a purebred Coton de Tulear (they came from Madagascar in the early 70’s to the US). The breed is very similar to Havanese. Our little Sadie was a rescue – she was kept in a tiny cage & bred for the puppies (which now sell for $2500 each). She was given up as those who buy the puppies want to see Mom & Dad – and she circles when stressed (and the more stressed, the tighter the circles), so they couldn’t breed her anymore, thankfully! I’d like to stick those people in cages and see how THEY like living like that! Anyhow, there are NO more puppies, NO enclosures in our home, and she is absolutely spoiled rotten. Sadie, like your Finn, is a velcro dog, too – she absolutely adores my husband & I, and we feel the same about her. Isn’t it wonderful that they love sleeping on (or under) quilts? We’ve made several puppy quilts for both our rescue dogs, but they still love to sleep on OUR quilts, too.

  3. Velcro dogs are amazing. My daughters are working from home and both have fairly large dogs. One calls her dogs her co workers and they tend to stay in the same room as her all day. The other has dogs that follow her always. Last week on our zoom call the dogs were with her. One on each side of her body. My son in law thought he would sit next to his wife and moved the hound who then tried to move his brother. No luck so he fit himself in a tiny space next to my daughter with about half his body on top of her. I know my girls like velcro dogs and think you do also so enjoy the doggie cuddles!

  4. I have 4 Velcro dogs too, all rescues. I’ve been sick the last few days and when I decide to go lay down, all follow me and leave hubby behind. Last night I had to lay on the love seat and all 4 had to get on me, including the 38 Lb beagle. This is true joy.

  5. Both of our dogs are more attached to me, even the new 5 month old puppy. I love it and think there is nothing better than to be snuggled up with your dog. Lol, sorry husbands!!

  6. I have a 6 year old female black and tan Dachshund and I feel the same, she’s always by my side.

  7. He looks pretty content. I do miss having a warm cat snuggling with me while I read or bind or just watch TV.

  8. My doxie is attached to me ON HIS TERMS! He won’t come when I call nor does he let me pet him but he does seem to sit on my side of the room and follow me upstairs so I guess he’s decided I’m his…

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