No sewing on Saturday – I’d let the cleaning slide too long and it was past time to give the house some attention. Keith helped as always – I’m so lucky that way! The rest of the day was spent on laundry, walking, and football. Since I did not get the 2nd binding ready for stitching down on Friday, I spent my time after the football game crocheting.

I started this ripple afghan on the 28th of December but since I’m still binding and sewing some at night the progress is slow but steady. I wasn’t thrilled with the colorway but I’m less unhappy with it as the blanket grows. Some might stop working on a project they weren’t happy with but I believe even the blankets and quilts that don’t turn out as pretty as I’d like have value for their warmth. Someone will be grateful to have it to cover up with.


  1. I agree–afghans never stay on the shelf for long…I just ordered a Caron Cake to start a small shawletter crochet project–should be interesting as I’ve nly ever done granny sqs. ;000
    Hugs, Julierose

  2. I only have one quilt in the almost 200 I have made that no one wanted. The cat loved it so it still was very useful. The colorway may not be pleasing to you but someone created and liked it. Others decided to create enough to sell. There is something to be said for a lid for every pot.

  3. The guild I belonged to years ago had a quilt drive for the Vets. The lady who gave the quilts out said she had just one quilt left when an old man asked to get a quilt. She told him she only had a quilt that was all pink and he said he didn’t care as he’d never had a quilt before. So your Afghan will be received gratefully. I agree that some of these yarns aren’t too pretty.

  4. If you have little or nothing, the color of the quilt or blanket matters SEW much less and its ability to provide warmth! I keep reminding beemates of that fact as they grumble about some of the combinations that I came up with from the donated fabric squares for the Lutheran World Relief project that I’m coordinating on my blog.

  5. I spent a good share of the day sewing yesterday, then watched Jackrabbit basketball double header online in the evening. Now today I’m finally taking down the Christmas stuff to pack away. I put that off longer than usual but have sure been enjoying the lights in the evenings.

  6. I hate when housework and chores get in the way of my crafts. Someday I will have a house cleaner and food delivery…lol. I am 73 and doubt either one of those will ever happen. My husband also helps clean and he is very good at picking up after himself too. I try hard to keep things clean as I go so we don’t have huge projects very often. I like the colors of your afghan. True, it might not be for everyone but it will be a blessing to someone.

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