I have a plan

I thought a lot today about my hopes for our country, that kindness and compassion will replace hate and anger and as I pray for that and work on letting go of my own feelings of anger from the last 4 years, I will be working on my Hopeful Heart quilt. Hand stitched appliqué hearts surround by strips of different shapes, size, and color. The hearts represent my hopes and the strips represent the melting pot that makes up America.

I’ve already cut and fused and started stitching more hearts.

I’m still making my strips and strings log cabin blocks too – can you tell I’m having fun playing in the string bins?! There are 105 blocks made so far.

I’ve got one more week before we head back to Big Canoe and my goals in the sewing room are:

  • Make blocks for the Hopeful Heart Quilt
  • Piece a camouflage bedspread and quilt it
  • Make Strips and Strings log cabin blocks
  • Cut HSTs for my twisted pinwheel quilt
  • Finish the Crochet ripple Afghan.


  1. i love this post and your quilt ideas/plans. I love historical quilts that document a point in time. I’ve made a couple and, they’re very special to me, hopefully when I’m gone, my grandchild will cherish the story behind each one too.

  2. LOVE your Hopeful Heart quilt👍👍. I felt such calm after listening to President Biden’s speech late last night. Let the healing begin.

  3. That looks really nice, Mary. I am not a big fan of sewing log cabin blocks, especially in the traditional manner of using narrow strips. Your rendition with wide wonky strips makes me want to do my own, at least for a baby quilt so it doesn’t end up in my UFO pile. Your design looks playful and fun.

    • Jerrianne, I love your body of work, particularly Hearts at Home, Michael McCrorey’s Graduation Quilt and the Murky Pond – Do you know the name of the block used for the Murky Pond and the Graduation Quilt? I would love to know.

  4. I love your idea, Mary. Think I’ll do my own version! I think it will help me let go of my anger and despair. Here’s to a better future for all of us.

  5. Wonderful idea Mary – There is a quote somewhere to the effect that the only person we can change is ourselves and if we all do it one at a time, maybe the future will be better. I hope so.

  6. I really love the quilt your doing with the heart blocks and your thought’s behind it. I feel our country is in the healing process. It’s been a long time coming. It seems a big weight has been lifted off of us, even with the darn virus. take care ! xo

  7. Your Hopeful Hearts quilt is a wonderful idea. I too hope the country can start loving each other again.

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