Log Cabin Hearts

Ok, I’m not sure exactly where I’m going with this but I decided at 1:30 am that I needed to make some appliqué hearts. It’s one reason I like to have all the sewing supplies on hand – I never know when I might need something in the middle of the night. Some red and neutral scraps, my GO heart die, fusible web, perle cotton and a chenille needle and now I have 4 little hearts. They will become the centers of log cabin blocks made with my strips and strings so I’m still working on my 365 block challenge with these.

My blanket stitch by hand is a bit rusty but after the first one, it was pretty easy. I thought at first I’d make all the hearts red but now I’m debating whether to make them in different colors. I don’t know what size blocks these will become or how many I will need for a quilt. I’ll have to experiment with them tomorrow or rather later today!

I think the timing of a project with hearts is perfect as we try to focus less on our differences and more on unity and caring and compassion.


  1. So cute! I have the heart die and haven’t used it yet. What size perle cotton and needle do you use? We need a little more love in the world.

  2. Oh that heart idea for unity is perfect, Mary!! What a splendid Inauguration celebration last evening;))) How can we not be hopeful now…
    hugs and stay safe Julierose

  3. Since the center square of Log Cabin blocks are supposed to represent the heart of a home, your hard will be a sweet addition to those blocks, Mary!

  4. Very cute! Normally I sleep well, but when I do have insomnia I find myself dreaming up new quilt ideas in the middle of the night too.

  5. And during these times when we cannot be with Family and Friends we think of them more …they are close to our hearts. Valentine’s Day this year will mean so much. maybe a Heart for each of our family and friends and Doggies dears. They could be in the shape of a tree , a big heart, a state, a flower or squares. What does your heart say?

  6. I watched TV all day on Wednesday & was filled with such hope and a great sense of peace. I believe we’re on the path to getting this pandemic under control, and holding accountable those who have caused the insurrection of two weeks ago. I’ve been making small paper pieced trees as a balm, and I’m ready to turn my sights on some small heart blocks now. It’s a sign!

  7. Awweee love seeing this picture of Chesty, it’s amazing how many pups we become attached to through Facebook, we may not get to physically hug and cuddle them but we grow to love them just as much! He always seemed to pose when you took his picture, especially when there was a quilt in the picture also!

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