I love that Google photos shares photos from years ago … like this one that popped up tonight. Eight years ago I was working on strips and string log cabin blocks too! I miss my sweet Chesty.

When I went looking for the book that my pink Heart quilt was in, I came across the one that inspired this quilt. I was thinking about making a courthouse steps version of my strips and strings log cabin quilt and hadn’t remembered that this quilt was made from different size strips. It was from our first family challenge. We all made a block – actually 5 of the same block and then we all made a quilt including a block made by each of us. This was my quilt and I called it All Roads Lead Home. Mom’s block was the schoolhouse one at the end of the quilt and she got my quilt in our exchange – one day it will come back to me.

In one of our moves, I lost the album I’d kept of my early quilts before blogging and I had forgotten about a couple I’d made from this book – in fact, this book inspired 4 of my early quilts. Including another scrappy Heart quilt that I might make again.

I also made that cover quilt but substituted hearts for the stars. I’m sure I have a photo of this one finished somewhere but here’s the top.

It’s fun to take a trip down memory lane!


  1. Dear Mary: Love your quilts, Love your picture of Chesty. We will always miss our Doggies. He is adorable. I miss my snuggle doggies Lady and Sally too… Harley is doing better… he and our cat are getting along better . You should see my Cat Little Bit sitting on his bottom and batting Harley’s face . ( He has no front claws). The cat is learning to hold his own! I hope you are staying healthy and that everything is healing.

  2. Chesty was always so good posing with your quilts. Even before I saw your blog name, when I saw the photo I knew it was Chesty. Good memories.

  3. I just love those quilts, especially the one with the houses and trees. Right now I really like quilts that you can kind of get lost in for a few minutes. I recently finished the Urbanology quilt and hung it in my dining room. It only took me 2 years to get it done (5 months at the quilters) but I can now say it was worth it. Chesty was definitely a cutie!!

  4. Having those memories pop up in Facebook or Google is a real gift some days, especially when it’s our beloved pets or our grandkids. That book looks like a definite keeper and will inspire a whole new batch of quilts all these years later.

  5. I have memories from you blog of Chesty too.

    Your family quilt is a great idea! I wish someone else in my family did quilting…

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