Outdoor Cams

I don’t know how much wildlife we’ll capture this time of year but Chris got my cameras set up at a big Canoe today. My main purpose in adding them is just to be able to watch the wildlife that comes to visit both when we’re there and when we’re in Florida but an added benefit is having one focused on the driveway and the walkway. Kind of good to know if someone is coming or going!

Chris spent a long time today setting up the system and 5 cameras! I wanted one out front by Keith’ office window because so many of the deer walk through the yard there but that wall is stone so we’re going to try this location.

Rae walked around the back and checked out the other 3 for me, stopping to say hi at each camera.


  1. How busy is that street? Coincidence two cars went by just then? I suggested trail cams for our alley to spot the comings and going’s but no movement on that yet!

  2. What brand camera do you have. We are looking for better ones for our property. We live in Blairsville which I believe is about an hour and half north of Big Canoe.

  3. I would love camera’s around our house. We don’t have much wildlife but I like knowing what is roaming around at night. What brand did you buy and are they hard wired?

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